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Helen of Troy and the Trojan Horse

Troy and Sparta, Greece

A very, very long time ago there was a princess of a place called Troy (Greece). Her name was Helen. One day her father (the king of Troy) told her “Darling you need to get married, I have chose all the kings and prince’s of Greece”. She chose a prince from Sparta named Menelaus without even looking at all the other men.
“MENELAUS OF SPARTA HAS BEEN CHOSEN” the slave shouted and they got married soon after.

But then a prince of Troy came around a week later a prince named ‘Paris’ from Troy came. Helen decided that she would run away with Paris to troy and leave her husband. And she did exactly that. Menelaus was not happy . So he went to Troy and started a war!!

The trosians build a wall around their city so the Spartans could not get into the city. Until they built a huge wooden horse. The trosians took it into the city and the Spartans killed many and burnt down a lot of things as well. A messenger ran to Helen and said “Paris is DEAD!!!!!”. Helen called for Menelaus and they soon got back together.

Did you spot how many mistakes were in this story?
1. Her father telling her to get married
2. Choosing Menelaus
3. Her running away
4. Paris going with her
5. Going to war
6. The trosians letting the horse into the city
7. Them getting back together

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