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A myth submitted to the site by LPSChandana

Ponyville (A Village), United States

The smoke in Ponyville was terrible it was coming from a mountain. Twilight Sparkle found out a Dragon was living there and every time it snores the smoke appears. Her friends agreed to go stop the dragon, one of her friends (Fluttershy) said "Dra Draggon?? Oh! I will stay you guys can go" Twilight Sparkle forced Fluttershy to come so she did.

While they arrived they spotted the dragon in deep sleep. Everyone tried: first was Rarity but nothing would work, second would be Apple Jack "But nope not a good one!" said Rainbow Dash! Every pony tryed including Twilight they all failed. In the end the dragon gave a big "ROAR!"

Suddenly Fluttershy yelled at the dragon that the dragon started to weep and weep. Since Fluttershy's sweet and a soft hearted one, she said it was okay and from that day on the smoke stopped and the princess (Celestia) had given the best award ever.

By LPSChandana
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