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Hepileo’s Adventure

A myth submitted to the site by Eleonora


Have you ever thought that being skinny was a bad thing? (not too skinny). This is the story of a boy who wasn’t very strong like knights in fairytales but this boy was clever, and cleverness was what brought him to succeed this battle.
The name of this boy is Hepileo. Hepileo lived in a farm in Crete, near Cnossos. As I said before he was skinny, but not too skinny. He had brown hair and eyes and was dressed in simple farm clothes. Most people in town spoke about Hepileo and how clever he was; some said it was a special power of his.

Meanwhile in Sparta lived a very kind King who had a huge problem: a monster with the body of a sea serpent, the ears of a cat, the wings of a bat and the legs of a goat had destroyed half of the city and kidnapped his daughter. The news spread and all the knights in Greece were called to attack the monster.

When Hepileo heard the news he made a decision, not caring what his mother said, he would save the princess. He hurried to the shore where he bought a boat and started his adventurous journey. He travelled for a week and went through the stormy seas, hot boiling deserts and high mountains.

One day as he was walking through the green, high, tickly grass, he saw a shiny light coming towards him. The goddess Hera was coming towards him. She had eyes as green as an emerald and blonde flowing hair. She gave him an amulet which contained the strongest light ever which the monster was afraid of.

After a few days he reached Sparta. He stopped near a lake close to Sparta to have a rest. He loved battles, he thought, he always wanted to take part in one. He also liked farm work and he liked also helping his father fix things. He even liked playing with his little sister. He hated milking cows, he thought milk was smelly.

Suddenly, the monster appeared! It was the most terrifying thing Hepileo ever saw but his brave, strong and clever personality didn’t turn back. He saw the ruins of an old castle and ran towards them. He passed under an old bridge and the monsters big head got stuck in. Then he climbed up the stairs of the ruins of the castle and thought quickly. The monster ran towards him but Hepileo was too quick. He ran down the stairs and hid behind a rock while the monster breathed fire. He ran under the stairs, around the tower, in and out the rocks and back near the lake. Now the monsters body was all twisted in the ruins of the castle. Hepileo showed the monster the amulet and the strongest light ever made the monster blind. The monster pulled and destroyed the ruins and ran back in the lake and was never to be seen again.

Next to the lake was a tower. Hepileo took two arrows he found near a bush and climbed up the tower, sticking the arrows between the bricks. When he reached the top of the tower he saw the princess. She had a long orange dress, brown hair, blue eyes, red lips and white skin. Hepileo went back home with the princess and all Spartan’s were happy again. The moral is being clever is much more important than being strong.

By Eleonora
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