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Why We Have Hurricanes

A myth submitted to the site by Daniella Hackett

Florida [U.S.A], U.S.A

Long long ago just above present day florida lived two gods.The two godess were always good friends. One of the godes where called Winsala. Winsala was the godes of winds she was the calm one of the two. The outher was called Darcy. Darcy was more daring and was the godes of danger.

One day Winsala told Darcy she was making the wind calm and that mabye DARCY should be calmer too. Darcy did not like the sound of being calm so she stormed off but that was not the end.

Winsala thought about what she could do to Darcy for two days,and then she'd thought of it. Winsala sent the biggest wind she could conjure up toward's Darcy's house. Darcy caught the winds with her magic and made them stronger and more dangerous, she sent them back to where they came from.

Sadly the swirls of winds went downwards and hit present day Florida. The people of Florida called this a hurricane and that is why we have Hurricanes.

By Daniella Hackett
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