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The Genie in a Bottle

Germany, Germany

There once was a genie in a bottle, who lived in the early 1850's. He sat in the back of a museum in Berlin. Only few visitors who wandered to the back of the museum saw the bottle, yet very few decided to look at the bottle that held the genie.
Once in a great while, meaning one every six months, some lucky soul discoved that there was a genie inside of that bottle. That lucky soul would then say, " Oh, a genie. How splendid!" They would then proceed to put down the bottle in their hand, and walk away.
The genie was not very pleased with the people on the "outside" world. Each time someone picked up the bottle, he would scream and shout, trying to get the person's attention. But, his voice could not be heard or understood becuase he spoke a language that was somehow different than the people of the "outside" world.

One day, a child walked up to the bottle, picked the bottle up and looked in the bottle.
" Is there anybody in here?" The child asked.
The genie screamed " YES! I AM HERE!" But, he knew that no one would here him. But this time was different.
The child responded, " Someone is in the bottle! Someone is in the bottle!"
The genie was puzzled. 'Was this child delusional, or do they have mental issues because no one ever hears me. Well, maybe it was time for a change.'
The genie then decided to scream at the child again, and see if the child could actually hear the genie. " Hello child. Do you hear me?"
" He does talk!" The child said.
' I guess that someone does understand me. This chance is one in a million.' The genie thought.
' Maybe this is my chance for a friend.' The child thought. ' I really do want some friends. We could live with each other! That would be just swell!' The child thought.

The genie and the child continued to talk, and soon became good friends. The child took the genie in the bottle home with him, and they lived with each other forever.

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