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The Story Of The Lighthouse Of Alexandria

Alexandria, East Harbor, Egypt

A very, very, very long time ago in a place called Egypt was another place called Alexandria. On the East Harbor of Alexandria, there was lighthouse sitting on the side of the sea accompanied by rocks. It was called the Lighthouse of Alexandria. No one ever went near it, after the lighthouse keeper left, the light had been switched off. If a ship ever travelled towards the lighthouse they’d never see light again.

The lighthouse keeper’s dad was a ship captain. He named his son the same name as him. He was called Sergei Ivanovitch Prokoviev. His whole family was Russian but was once travelling the world when they hit the rocks and only Sergei lighthouse keeper had survived and was only then, when he started working at the lighthouse. He got 2,350 people to help build it with him including 8 year old Chione and 17 year old Amen. The Lighthouse of Alexandria was made 4 years ago. Chione was only 4 and Amen 13.

Chione and Amen went to visit Sergei every day since the lighthouse was made, not like other people though. When the lighthouse was finished no one cared about Sergei anymore so he was left on his own in charge of the lighthouse. Chione and Amen lived right next to the lighthouse that was lucky.
One day early in the morning, Chione and Amen went to visit him when they saw that the light wasn’t shining, so they went up the stairs to see what had happened. When they got there they saw an empty cup of Qasab, a plate of finished Konafah, a folded pile of clothes and a clean and tidy bed. The window was wide open and a note was left on the side of his draw. It read:
*Dear Chione and Amen
I have left you a gift in my second draw because I am leaving Egypt and going back home to Russia. I appreciate you visiting me every day for 4 years but I would love to see if I’ve got any family left. You have treat me like your family but after the accident I need to see if I’ve got anymore hope in me or even more sparkle and excitement but being a lighthouse keeper doesn’t make me feel all that so I’ve changed into a seagull and flew out the window. I’m on my way home, to Russia and would love to hear and see from you again in the future if I decide to come back to Alexandria
Lots of Love and hope, your old friend Sergei Ivanovitch Prokoviev.
See you soon*

“Oh no” said Chione. “We need to get him back but how we need a solution fast, think of one Amen think, think, think!”
“I’ve got a great idea, it would be amazing, but we need more Qasab and Konafah. I know ask mum to make some quick go ask her Chione.”
Chione went to ask her mum for some Qasab and Konafah and then took it back to the lighthouse so they could start their plan of how to get back Sergei Ivanovitch Prokoviev.
The put the food by the open window and went to bed so they could see if Sergei would come back to the lighthouse.
They went to sleep but eventually couldn’t stand the suspense so they quietly got changed into their clothes and went outside. Suddenly they saw a flashing light.
“HE’S BACK!!!” they both screamed. With much more than excitement they flew up the stairs and flung open the door of Sergei’s room and there he was. Sergei Ivanovitch Prokoviev was standing right in front of they’re eyes.
And I’ll say it again Sergei Ivanovitch Prokoviev was back!

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