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Spirits of Two Blood Brothers

Fictitious Village: Whales

This the graveyard where lies the bodies of two brothers, Lestat and Peter. Lestat- being the elder brother- was so much humble and sensible and a wise, intelligent person. Peter was a little bit shy and innocent but above all he was also like his brother. Peter and Lestat were both so beautiful. Both of the brothers lived alone for they were orphans. They had no one to take care of them.

One night Lestat found out that their house was surrounded by village men and guards, who had burning logs in their hands. Lestat knew what was going to happen. He ran into Peter's room and told him whole the scenario. The people threw the burning logs of fire on their house in order to burn it. Lestat ran away with Peter towards the basement in the nick of time. After all this happened: Their house was burnt, they were caught and arrested, the arrest was not a justifiable, they were arrested because they had no one and the governors wanted to make them slaves and whenever the governors decide to make someone slave, they just ruin all his home, job, money, life and everything. Lestat and Peter were kept in a large room for one day.

Lestat tried to run but he was caught by the lords' mansion's guards and was brought before the cruel lords. The cruel lords at once ordered the guards to behead him but Peter pleaded the lords to leave him. After 15 minutes of pleading the lords at last listened to Peter and ordered the guards to lock Lestat in a prison, where no one can go and meet him and he will not get food or water. Peter started to object again but the officer standing behind him hit him on the head and suddenly Peter view became like a dark night.

Lestat was locked in the prison, he was punished to live a solitary life without everyone. Whatever was happening, Lestat was happy that he didn't take Peter with him or Peter would also had been in here.

Many years passed Peter worked as a servant at the lord's mansion and Lestat was still locked. It was 1864, 5 years had been passed away. Lestat was dead and Peter went in trauma when he heard that he lost his most beloved brother. The only thing that Peter did was to attempt suicide but he was forced not to. The lords never worried about him, the servant who served them with loyalty, the servant who was always honest and gave the right advice.

The Lord of the lords, Durza, thought that Peter was becoming mad and asked the lords to kill him. All the lords teamed up and killed Peter mercilessly. His grave was made with his brother at the corner of the graveyard.

It happened one night that a child in a village saw Lestat and Peter. He ran to his family and told them. After a little while his family was found murdered. Some of the villagers observed that the graveyard was always misty at night and from far away in the graveyard, they also heard the sounds of spirits.

Durza knew and grew scared that the boys are back and now they are not going to leave him and the lords and so it happened but Durza somehow escaped. He crept away and started to live in another village but the curse was not going to spare him now. The spirits of Lestat and Peter burned down their village and chased Durza. Durza thought he was protected. But the villagers of that new village saw his house covered in dark mist every night. They also started to see two unknown graves in the village graveyard. Durza became a psycho and he was also seen to torturing himself. A few days later Durza was found dead in his own study and there was written on the mirror of his hall : ANYONE WHO TOUCHED HIS BODY WILL DIE. HE WAS THE CRUELEST OF MAN AND HE DESERVED TO DIE.

Lestat and Peter wrote their whole story on the walls of Durza's home. Some of the villagers started to cry on their sad story. The only thing both the brothers wished was to burn his body and so the villagers did. They burned his body and after that there was no sign of Durza, Whales(the old village), and the brothers. The brothers granted the village with happiness, future and fortune. They were still heard outside the village having fun and enjoyment but it didn't bother the villagers. Their house in that village was called 'The Haunted House where live the spirits of two kind brothers.'

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