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The Three Brothers

A myth submitted to the site by Hannah

The three brothers

There was a time when men where part of a terrible battle. In this battle were the dwarves with their strong axes and the elves with their lean, fine arrows. Among these were trolls and giants and many other terrible creatures. A hillside that had once been peaceful now became splattered with blood and the ground shook from the mightiness of the battle.

Three brothers were making their way to the battle, when they came across a great river too wide to jump and too deep to swim. The brothers however, wee not bothered by this and simply built a bridge with stones.

Suddenly death appeared. He was angry at the brother’s cunningness because so many people had been lost to him by drowning, but death was clever. He pretended to congratulate the brothers in their success. He offered the brothers 1 gift each.

The first brother requested wealth. The second brother agreed to his request. Death told hem both to go home. When they arrived home they found a mountain of gold and jewels in their home. The first brother ran into the gold mountain and drowned in the gold. The second brother killed himself with grief. Death took the first two brothers.

The third brother wished for armour. No matter how hard death tried he could not take the third brother.

As he obtained a great age the third brother passed the armour to his son, and together he and death went down to the afterlife.

By Hannah
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