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Ammit and the Ammit

Ancient Egypt, Egypt

Long ago in ancient eygypt, the lived the young Pharo Danamaya. Danamya was a lovable boy, and he loved to leave his home, and go on outings. One day, on the very eve of his 19th birthday, he went out on a special outing, which was
announced by a special parade.

There he saw a young woman, his age, and so beautiful, the Greek Goddess Aphrodite would be ashamed of her apearence!
Her name was Aghorinthia, and she was the daughter of the village elder, Ohgoritha.

They married at midnight, and soon had a young boy, heir to the thrown, before his three sisters and after his older brother, Ammit. Ammit was a serious boy, he took the matters of life very cautiously, but he was a curious trouble-maker!

One night, Ammit heard a strange noise, and became very curious. So he packed up a sack with food and water, and went out. He walked the deserts, he swam the Nile, and he hearded the gpats until he reached an ancient Pyramid. It had no door, and He wondered how he would get in. Then he noticed that all the bricks were steady, exept one. So he thought for a moment, and pushed it, and the entrace was revealed...

He came in a chamber, and saw an object as beautiful as his mother! A golden Styriiug. A Styriiug is a type of trophie, or an ancient goblet worth all the money in the world! He knew he would make his father proud, and would rule before his brother, but it was too far away, and out of his reach! So he took all the loose stones he could find, and built a path to it. He was so happy, but he heard a noise, a sort of grunt, and it made him hurry up. He heard it again, he went faster, and again, and faster, and again and faster!
Until, he felt puffs of steam on the back of his neck, and there stood, the demon Ammit.

A creature so horrible, part crocodile, part cheeta, part lion, part elaphant! It was a strange, foul creature, and before Ammit could say anything, the demon picked him up and chewed him until he had no life left in his body, then swallowed him whole! And ever since that day, the unfinished path, and the golden Styriiug stays. And so does the Ammit...

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