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Kythera, Varinas

Chapter 1

Blaze was trying to keep heat in his body, clean clothes on his back, and well built shoes on his feet. It was blistering cold outside and it was hard to find some shelter. The darkness was so dense that he couldn’t see his own hand in front of his face. There was no one around he was all by himself with no companions. He had just realized he had no food no water or a way to make a fire for warmth, he only had a pocket knife he had found the day before. Buildings were torn to pieces, there was no electricity... nothing worked. He knew if he didn’t get food or shelter of some sort he wouldn't get to see tomorrow.

It was probably around 9. The reason he knew that is the sun had completely set, stars had started appearing so he would have some sort of light to use to help him see. He had also noticed the animals had disappeared out of sight into the abyss of the night. He had feared that would happen he heard a faint growl behind him not wanting to turn around to see what it was. He stood there still hoping whatever it was would just leave. But deep in his mind he knew he would probably have to kill it. Only armed with a pocket knife he had turned around slowly wielding the knife tightly. He stood there scared to hell, he turned around to see what it was that was behind him then something had knocked him to the ground.

He felt an agonizing pain all of the sudden in his arm. Then he remembered the pocket knife with his uninjured arm stabbed the beast impaling it in the side multiple times. Then the beast had fallen off dead. He stands up and thinks to himself well dinners taken care of. He identifies the creature to be a wolf. He stands up slowly and cuts into the wolf and takes the meat he knows is good he cuts off the pelt to use as a bag to carry his meat. He then begins to look for shelter.

He walks what seems to be ages when he finds a cave to use as a shelter that he can rest and cover him from the harsh cold. He walks in the cave and finds a rock and a couple stocks he can use to start a fire to cook his meal. After endless efforts of trying to make a fire Blaze finally gets it to start so he can cook his wolfs meat and to dry the pelt. He then replenishes his hunger and melts some snow for water. He sees that there is signs of other people being here he finds old clothing to use as a pillow and the pelt as his blanket. While laying by the fire he thinks to himself is there really anyone out there...(drifts off into a deep slumber).

The next day Blaze is awoken by sounds that seem so familiar as if there were people around. He gets up quick and runs out of the cave and sees two people who look to be freezing. He yells hey at the top of his lungs to get there attention he thinks to himself "did they hear me". They turn around surprised knowing there was someone else but them around these parts. He rushes them into the cave to let them warm up they thanked him endlessly. He cooked them some of the wolf meat. He ask them are you ok. They reply at the same time "yes we are better now knowing we are safe". Blaze answers back curiously "safe from what?" The man replied "did you not hear the country has been invaded and taken over by the dark lord Teivel, he has killed thousand of men and woman leaving the children to suffer severely."
Blaze answers "who is lord Teivel and what does he want with our country of Varinas".
The lady says to Blaze "he wants to take over and make the country suffer for what had happened to his father".
Blaze asked "what happened to his father?"
The man answers " our warriors had decapitated him in front of his son for dishonouring our queens daughter and murdering her in cold blood."
Blaze answers back "i have heard about that but i had thought it was a white lie".

Blaze talks again "What brings you to these parts of the country?".
The man answers " we are in search of a way to end the dark lords life."
Blaze answers "you know you will need an army to do that he probably has tens of thousands waiting for us civilians to revolt against him just so he can slaughter us if we don’t do as he wishes us to do."
The man looking curious looks at him and ask "how do you know so much about the evil lord and his rules."
Blaze answers with arrogance in his voice "because I was one of his most trusted warriors I fled when I had found out we were killing innocent people!."
The man answers back "so is your plan to overthrow him and get our country back." Blaze answers "yes but it won’t be easy to do. His army is strong and we don’t have many people on our side(short pause) yet."
The woman starts talking " what is your name kind sir?" Blaze answers back "they call me Blaze."
The lady responds " nice to meet you Blaze."
Blaze answers back "your welcome what are your names."
The lady answers "my name is Corinthia."
The man answers too "my name is Ritac."
Blaze answers back “well it is nice to meet you both, may I ask what is yalls plan to do the pathways are covered with snow and the next known town is miles aways.’’
Corinthia speaks up ‘’we shall travel westward to the capital Kythera.’’
Ritac speaks up “ yes we will and on the way try to get warriors on our side to fight the dark lord and end his reign on our country Varinas and kill him like we had done his father.’’
Blaze answers back “that sounds like a plan that will work if we can only gain enough men to help us take back our country it will be for the best if we have at least 10000 highly trained men to help us fix what has been broken we shall embark on our journey in the morning it has gotten dark and yall need to get rest for tomorrow will be a long day.’’

The next day Blaze and them have embarked on their journey to the capital. They had many many miles to walk and since the ground has been covered in snow it was a harder walk. On their long journey they found what was left of a city from one of the dark lords vicious attack. There was rubble all over, parts of buildings left and a foul smell in the air (the smell of dead decaying bodies lay on the snow blood splattered in spots making it look as a blood bath). They continued on the long journey in search for a sign of life. When all hope seemed lost they find a cabin amongst the snow and trees.

Chapter 2
Once they enter the cabin they realized that someone had recently lived there but must had been abandoned for at least three years. It had old broken down furniture and ashes still in the fireplace. They had found many swords hiding in the cabin. Then they had each had a weapon of their own to help on their conquest to take over the dark overlord. While they sat and polished up their newly found weapons, out of the darkness a big figure about 7 feet tall stepped out. With a booming voice from the man saying “ who dares break into my cabin and still my belongings’’
Blaze speaks back ‘’we did not expect a person yet alone a giant of a person to be living here’’
The giant spoke again furiously nearly knocking Blaze off his feet. Blaze yells back. in a split second Blaze was thrown across the cabin as if the giant of a man was throwing a rock. Blaze got up swiftly with the speed of a cheetah. He pulled out his sword and lashed out furiously at the man. Blaze swinging his sword with no regret. The giant fought back picking Blaze up and impaling him in the face with his fist. Blaze thinking to himself’’ there is only way for me to live’’ with two deadly strikes he sliced the mans head cleanly off.

Blaze fell to the ground covered in blood and wondering why that man had attacked him like he did. As he cleaned himself up he had found a note reading ‘’the dark overlord is watching your every movement and controls what you do if not to obey death is to await you and your family’’ Blaze thought what does the dark overlord want with this mans family ‘’why is he taking people now.’’ The following day they decided to stay another night in the cabin. Blaze and his companions awoke that night to the sound of horses and knights. With in a split second the door was busted in and knights surrounded them. The knights tied up Ritac and Corinthia and tossed them in the carriage. Blaze had started to fight back and killed 8 of the 16 knights with his bare hands. Then he felt something go through the back of his calf, he turned around to be welcomed by a shield to his face. ‘’out cold’’

While Blaze had been knocked out, he was tied up and taken to the dark lords castle. 2 days had passed and Blaze is awoken to cold water splashing him in the face. He wearily open his eyes to see his two comrades facing him. Ritac speaks” are you alright sir”
Blaze speaks ‘’where are we how did we get here’’
Ritac answers “ we are in prison but we know of a way out’’ Hours passed and dark quickly approached. Ritac waited as a guard had approached, cautiously reaching out and choking the guard till he lay dead on the ground. Ritac managed to to get the keys in the process. He unlocked the door and grabbed the guards sword and handed it to Blaze.
Blaze asked 'what is this for’ Ritac answers "you are the only one that has experience with a sword you had showed us at the cabin."

They ran out of the prison into the main yard where they had been met up with 25 or 30 guards. One by one Blaze fought and killed every guard so they could escape. Then the worst had came a small army of the dark overlords was at the main gate. Blaze new he was outnumbered but dared to fight anyway no matter what the consequence. Blaze had fought threw at least 10 men when he had felt the earth beneath him rumble. Out of nowhere a three headed snake had appeared standing at a minimum of 45 feet tall with massive fangs. Then Blaze had realized it was a Hydra. The guards took their focus off of Blaze and onto the hydra. It was the perfect time for them to escape.

They ran past the guards straight to the woods. As they ran they had found a town of at least 200 men all dressed up in armors and weapons. A man walked forward to Blaze and spoke ‘’ my name is Akron and these men are part of the Tribak to fight the dark lord and his followers did you see the hydra we had sent to help you escape."
Blaze talks "we did why did you help us escape’’
Akron spoke again "because we had seen what you did at the cabin and on your way to escape the prison’’. Akron spoke again ‘’ well the real question is we wanted to know if you will do us a favor and lead are Tribak against the dark lord...

As Blaze, Akron and the Tribak march to the dark overlord's castle they where approached by a small army of civilians. As they continued on their journey they found many people wanting to help take back their country.

It had been many days since they have left on their journey to stop end the reign of the dark overlord with an army 900 men strong. As they approached the castle they stopped to make a plan on what they would do to succeed. They sat at the gate waiting for the dark lord to open the gates. Then they heard yelling and footsteps. The war had started. Men killing amongst one another as the fight urged on to morning Blaze had retreated to await the next wave of men. When none had come he lead his men in to the gates as they stormed the castle, the men killing every person who had got in their way. As they pursued on their journey Blaze had slowly started to lose men. When he had reached which would be the final battle to slay the dark lord, he had 2 men left and the dark overlord had 10.

Blazes men acted bravely and killed all 10 men but fell to the fate of the dark lord. He had pierced through both the mens armor and killed them. The dark lord and Blaze spoke to each other with such anger. In the dark side of the room a boy about 6 or 7 had sat and watched as Blaze and the dark lord had fought. They both had swung and landed a fatal blow to each other - they had both bled out and died.

The Tribak had won and got their country back. They had built a castle and town in the name of Blaze and the fallen comrades who had fought to get back their country. 13 years have passed since the great war but yet a new dark lord has risen.

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