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The Lincoln Imp

A myth submitted to the site by Alicia

Lincoln Cathedral, England

One day, a long time ago,in the 15th century, the Devil commanded the Imps "Go and wreak havoc on the overworld".(The Imps are horrid creatures with sharp teeth and devil horns.)
Thease repulsive creatures flew out at top speed. It happend that two Imps (called Stone and Flame) were blown all the way to the doorstep of lincoln cathedral. Stone and Flame hid behind a rock because they were scared of the Minister. Flame started telling stories about long ago when the underworld ruled. After a while Stone whispered "I dare you to go inside and cause chaos".
"BUT THE MINISTER" exclaimed Flame!
"Are you chicken" taunted Stone.
"NO AND I SHALL PROVE IT" bellowed Flame as he glided in as fast as a lighting bolt.

Flame stopped and looked around. He spotted the Lord Bishop and tripped him up by flying into his legs at full speed. Flame was starting to find this very amusing. Next Flame pushed the Dean into the fountain , leaving him shouting curses at the Imp. Flame started laughing so much he fell of the post he was sitting on and landed on his head with a thump. Flame took the choirs books then wacked them round the head with them. He knocked the benches over. He threw flower pots and broke windows with a hammer. Flame was truely on a rampage...

Suddenly an Angel appeared and said "Flame you have had your fun, but now it is time for you to return to satan."
"NO YOU CAN NOT STOP ME. YOU WILL NOT STOP ME" screemed Flame as he threw rocks at the Angel. The Angel replied "If you do not stop you will pay a terrible price". But Flame carried on throwng rocks at the Angel. "YOU WILL PAY THE PRICE. I curse you so that you will live the rest your life as a statue. People will look down on you and say you're a disgrace". Almost immediatly Flame was turned to stone.
It has been over 1000 years and the Imp still in that very place today.

By Alicia
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