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Tamales and Minotaur

A myth submitted to the site by Lauren Baker

Village, Greece

Tamales was one of the bravest women that had ever lived. Her mother was called Pandora and her father was Zeus the king of the gods. Her father Zeus gave her a super sword that could cut through anything in one cut even stone. She could throw lightning at the people in the little village, she also very brave and she was super strong.

There was a monster called Minotaur she had a head of a bull and a body of a human and legs of a bull. Her eyes could turn people into STONE and she lived in a deep dark maze on an island and she had to eat 7 girls and 7 boys every 9 years!

The monster was eating up houses with people in it. There was a family of 4 with no pets 1 baby boy and 1 teenager that was a girl. But there were in for a surprise because when they were playing upstairs the monster had come and grabbed the house out of the ground and all of the family were so scared. Then the monster put the house in his mouth and swallowed it up. Back at the castle the princess was training to fight the monster and Zeus came and said “are you ready for this sweetie because your mother and I think you should not do this”.
Tamales said “I am ready for this father do not worry I will be fine I hope.” That night Tamales had a weird dream about what would have happened if she had died when she was fighting the monster. In the morning Tamales woke up with a cry “Oh no everyone was right I might die I must tell mother and father right away”. Meanwhile back at the deep dark maze the monster was roaring in her sleep saying “I MUST EAT HOUSES AND KILL THE PEOPLE IN THEM TOO!”

When the princess was getting ready Pandora came in the room and said “Tamales darling everyone in the whole kingdom will miss you so much.” Tamales said back to her mother “I will miss you too.” When she sat sail she saw her mother and father trying not to cry.

After hours of sail it was 1oclock in the morning at 9oclock she woke up and got off the boat and looked around for hours. Finally she found the deep dark maze and the heard roaring from the top of the tower and then went into the maze and found the tower and when she opened the door she found 2 little girls trapped and one of the girls said “help Minotaur has trapped us when we tried to save our mother but the monster Minotaur trapped us now we will never see our mother ever again please help us.” The princess said back to the little girls. “ I will help you get your mother I will untie you but you both have to stay here ok”
The girls both replied “ ok we will kind lady by the way I am Lily and that is Laura.” There were a lot of stairs so the princess was a bit tried.

When she met the monster she shouted at the monster and grabbed the super sword out of her bag and stabbed the monster until it was dead and said to the mother, "come with me and you will see your little girls again.”
“Thank you so much” said the mother and when they got down stairs the mother ran to the children and gave them a big hug and the little girls said “we love you mother and we have missed you so much!”

When they got back to the boat the mother said to Tamales “thank you for helping me and saving my children we all thank you” Then Tamales got off the boat and walked to the village where the family lived and then walked back home. When she returned home the god and goddess threw a big party with all of the people from the village.

By Lauren Baker
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