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The Lincoln Imp

A myth submitted to the site by Caitlin Howling

Lincoln Cathedral, Lincoln

One fine day, Satan the devil said to Healthy [the oldest Imp] "You my fine Imp, can take Cheeky [the youngest Imp] out to play,in the clouds if you like" .
So at this, Healthy took Cheeky to the exit but before they could reach the door , Saturn said calmley "Stop! Healthy make sure you both behave".
"I will"said Healthy.
At this they left and went playing in the clouds having loads of fun.

The two Imps, having a lovely time playing in the clouds, did not check the weather before they left and they had forgot completly about the weather. Healthy had just been found hiding in the centre of the clouds. Then all of a sudden a gust of wind came and the two Imps got blown all the way to....
The Imps didn't see it on the big wooden sign.

They had landed next to a cathedral. This was the Lincoln Cathedral. They were scared to go into the Cathedral because the bishop was in there. Cheeky nor Healthy knew what to do, they could not go back to Satan now.

Finally Cheeky found the courage to fly into the cathedral. Healthy had to warn Satan, so off he went. What would happen to Cheeky in the Cathedral?

The first thing Cheeky chose to do was to try and knock over the bishop. The bishop was verry angry and started to scream and shout at cheeky. Cheeky ignored the infuriated bishop.

Cheeky had not had enough,he wanted more...

The room, with banners on the wall , and a chior singing a happy song. Whilst Cheeky triped up the dean[who fell over]. Cheeky laughed his head off.

Cheeky got bored of the calm song so he teased them. This new song he liked, but he did not know what was coming...

Cheeky had droped the hyme book on the cold stone floor.

The hyme book moved and an angel came flying out. Cheeky started throughing stones.

Cheeky watched,the white angel started to appear from the hyme book, leaving it open flat on the cold stone floor. Cheeky had started to smash condensated windows. The white angel watching verry closely getting really fierce.

The angel was getting really annoyed now. While Cheeky was throughing stones the angel turned him to...

On the Lincoln Cathedral the lincoln Imp is still standing today!

By Caitlin Howling
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