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A myth submitted to the site by Jamie Le Tocq

Guernsey, Guernsey

Once long ago there was Jamieus his mum was a God and he’s dad was as well he had power to look though wall and he’s got magic weapons he got a sword that can kill people with one hit.

Greek monsters/
The creeper he got a head as a spider a body of a skeleton and the rest of his body is a zombie if you get to close it will blow up and it will kill you. He lives in a cave if it only appears in the dark please it blows up and shoots you with his bow and arrow and if you run into him it will punch you and kick you it will kill you!!!!!

The monster is killing all the people of the city. Jamieus didn’t like the sound of this so Jamieus said I will kill him. Ill get my magical shoes that make me run fast to get to the cave.

Jamieus went to the creepers cave. His shoes left foot prints in the sand so he new the way back. He put he’s magical shoes on and undefeatable armour on a helmet, a chest plat, and trousers and boots off he went to the cave. He had to travel over water to get to the scary creepers cave. He told his father that if he won the battle he would come back with a white flag and if he came back with a black flag to show the creeper won the battle.

So off set Jamieus with his amazing armour off he went in his little sailing boat. The fight went on for ages and ages Jamieus pushed him off a cliff and Jamieus went back to his father but he was so happy he killed the creeper he forgot to put the white flag up so his father saw his sailing boat but with a black flag so his father fort he was dead. He couldn’t live without his son so Jamieus’s father jumped of a cliff and Jamieus came back and lived haply ever after but Jamieus was sad because his father has dead but he was still happy because he killed the creeper and saved the city so he lived haply ever after The end.

By Jamie Le Tocq
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