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Evaneseus and the Battle of the Power

A myth submitted to the site by Laura Le Cras


Long ago in a small dark cave at the top of Mount Ida lived a young soldier, Evaneseus. He was given the power to do what ever he wanted. He all ready had powers but these ones where much better. Evaneseus loved his new powers but his younger brother Ebanetheus was so jealous with his brother’s brand new ones. He thought, “I should hold a battle to see who really should get the power!” So that’s what he did.

Instead of Ebanetheus fighting against his brother he decided to capture a monster to fight against. “Brother why don’t we have a battle to see who really deserves the powers? The rules are the first person to kill the monster gets the powers that’s fair.” That night Ebanetheus crept out of the stone temple and went hunting for the beast. About three hours later he finally captured what he was looking for. It was Acusda which looked terribly ugly because it had a mans head and a spider body with crab claws. Ebanetheus decided that that one was perfect because it could shrink to any size and run as quick as lighting. Eventually it was easy to find because Ebanetheus new it lived in a small dark cave.

Ebanetheus told Evanetheus to meet him in the centre of the village so they could travel together in a cart. Ebanetheus was so excited although he did know his brother was a great solder and was still quite nervous. “Why are you having a battle for the powers you haven’t got them yet because you’re not old enough or tough enough to have them” sighed Evanetheus.
“Oh well lets see who really deserves them because we are here now, so let the battle begin” said Ebanetheus selfishly. When they both got their armour on they started the battle. They both had their powers that they were born with so they both had the same chance.

Finally the battle began and they both invited people to come and watch it. Even though Evanetheus was not excited he did want to be a hero and no one has ever destroyed this terrible beast before so he was determined to. He new he would win because his brother was not good enough yet so it will be easy to beat him. Even though Ebanetheus was younger Evanetheus let him have the first move all he did was hit him with a lightning bolt then it was Evanetheus’s go he picked him up by his large man head and swung him round and round his head until it finally fell of. Ebanetheus was so surprised and angry that he climbed to the very top of a mountain and stayed there no one new what happened to him.

Evanetheus was so happy to even care so he just left him “I have the powers and I defeated Acusda” said Evanetheus very proudly.
Well done son you not only have the powers you are hero because a decade ago that same beast was terrorizing our village we thought he was dead but he actually went to a different place so thank you.
I don’t want Ebanetheus to take the powers so I will sail far far away.
So thats what he did he found a very beautiful wife named Catheseus and they had 1 child named Maxeus and Evanetheus told him he will be a hero when he grows up.


By Laura Le Cras
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