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Maxies and Hydreaus

A myth submitted to the site by Blaze

Skyros, Greece

Maxies was the son of Princess Anceles and his dad was called Hades god of the underworld. Hades gave Maxies a power called rise dead (can raise an army of the un dead to serve him) he got a helmet that lets him breath under water and the hammer of Zeus - he got the helmet by slaying the god of the water but he stole the hammer of Zeus.

Hydreausa had the head of a dragon and the scales were as rough as sand paper and his body was as big as a giants body with dragons wings sticking out of the side of his torso so he could fly and he had gorilla arms and legs and he had bull horns he could breath fire from his dragons mouth and he lived in a cave in Skyros. It was filled with cockroaches and centipedes all he would do was kill people boys or girls.

One day Maxies was sat in the underworld thinking “why do I have to be like my dad. I don’t want to be the bad guy any more why can’t I be like Theseus the person that defeated the minotaur. I wish my dad would summon a monster for me to defeat. I know that I could it would be easy because I have the hammer of Zeus and that rise the dead spell.”
“Maxies I just summoned a new monster I call it Hydreusa he is in Skyros as we speak this is going to cause so much trouble for the people of Skyros” said Hades.

Maxies was going to kill Hydreuas in Skyros or down in the underworld he didn’t care he would take him down anywhere, doesn’t matter, any where any time and just like that he was off to Skyros to kill the monster once and for all. So he packed bags and went to Skyros when he got there he was looking for the monster for a day but the next day he saw a monster with a dragon head and gorilla body of a giants body and dragons wings, gorilla legs and bull horns sticking out his head. Maxies ran up to him and shocked him with his hammer and then Hydreaus throw him into the water but Maxies just clambered back onto the island to kill the monster. So he shocked it about 40 times. Hydreausa was getting weaker but still wasn’t dead so he raised his undead army to help him kill the monster, it did help but the monster hit his hammer away so he climbed up the wall while he was climbing the wall Hydreaus was breathing fire on Maxies while he was climbing the wall, then he jumped for his head ripped his horn of his head and stabbed him to death with his own horn. He got his hammer back set sail back to his house told his dad I’ll be back in an hour.

His dad was worried because it was two hours later and he still wasn’t back yet then he waited another two hours but then he heard knocking on the door but it was someone telling him his son was dead. So he got his army to kill him but Maxies came back 10 minutes later to find his dad was dead. He was so sad that he didn’t come out his room for a week.

By Blaze
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