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Caracales and Bicora

A myth submitted to the site by Caleb

Crete, Greece

Long ago, high on a mountain on the Greek island of Crete there lived a family of gods. The father god was called Agecus, the mother goddess was called Silera and they had a son called Caracales. Caracales had super powers, of the mind and time. This meant he could see the future, and change it by going there before it happened. He had two magical items which were an enchanted axe and a magical sword which glowed green when a monster or enemy was near. These items were handed down to Caracales by his father. They had helped Caracales win many battles in the past and they would help him in many more on his journeys.

Also living on the island of Crete lived a menacing beast called Bicora. He lived in a cave with a big grimy swamp inside. He had the head of a man with bull horns which were used to ram into his enemies. Bicora had elephant ears which could hear things from miles away. His trunk could deafen people in seconds, it could also lift very heavy things!!! He had the body of a tortoise which was thick enough to have anything fall on it with out it shattering in to pieces! The final feature of Bicora is his lower body and his arms, they were both octopus tentacles. The tentacles could spray ink which could make people faint and also blind them.

There was one thing bad about the Bicora he kept on tearing up the trees and villages of Crete. He would kill other creatures and humans just for territory but also just for fun!!! This is why Caracales had to go and save the villagers from Bicora.

Caracales rapidly rode on a horse to the villages that were being attacked ,the monster of death had struck again!

Caracales hunted for one whole day and night until he finally found the beast he had been looking for, he knew this because his magical sword was glowing green. Bicora was rampaging through a house thrusted pulling up roots of trees as he went. Caracales thought this was his chance to attack the most terrifying beast of all the beasts. Soon after Caracales used his mysterious mind to sense the future . HE WAS GOING TO KILL BICORA!!!

Due to the fact that Bicora had elephant ears that could here things a mile away Caracales had to sneak up on the monster extra quietly. One moment when he, Bicora, was ripping a tree out of its roots the unkown hero jumped on top of his tortoise shell. They fought for hours on end, ink from Bicoras tentacles flying, until finally Caracales thrusted his mighty glowing sword into the head of Bicora. He was shore that his enemy was dead so he cut off every limb of it. Now he was definitely dead!!!

That evening all the people of Crete celebrated the death of Bicora. Years later Caracales and all the villagers on the island built their own villages and shops with their hero. There was never a fight again on the island Crete and everyone lived happily ever after.

By Caleb
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