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Ebanetheus and Eeldusa

A myth submitted to the site by Sienna Cowley-Grimmond

Crete, Greece

Many centuries ago there lives a hansom young prince called, Ebanetheus. He had long wavy hair as golden as the sun as his farther did and dark blue eyes just like his mother. Unlike his parents Ebanetheus was mortal his parents on the hand were the gods Laceus the most charming god of all time and Freya his mother was more beautiful than the whole of space. For Ebanetheuses 18th birthday his farther, Laceus gave him the powers of a god which made him ever so happy. Now he could read minds and see the future. As Ebanetheus grow older he stared to travel the world, on his adventure, Ebanetheus found a mystical flute that could make anything sleep and a poison coated bow and arrow that would stop your heart instantly

Eeldusa, one of the most feared beasts in the hole of Crete. She was hideous even though her head and upper body were of a beautiful lady, her hair had grown to be slippery eels, and her eyes were as sharp and yellow as an eels. She had no legs instead she slithered around on a sea serpents tail. She lived in an old creaky cabin that had sunk to the lake Sieva. No body ever swam or even walk near it because if you did Eeldusa would electrocute you and feed you flesh to her piranhas and you would never be seen again!

When Ebanetheus heard of this beast and is carnivorous pets he travelled as fast as he could to murder this ravenous beast in its sleep. As Ebanetheus travelled around world to get to Crete he came across many barriers but with his god powers he managed to get around them all. With help from his parents of cores.

As soon as he got to the river Ebanetheus was invited to come inside Eeldusas sunken cabin. Eeldusa gave Ebanetheus some enchanted seaweed that would allow him to breathe under water. As they ate Ebanetheus told Eeldusa about his parents and that he hadn’t been born a god at least he hadn’t and that he had travelled around the whole world to get where he was now. Soon Eeldusa was asking if he had any powers his replay “yes I do actually I can see the future and read minds and that how I know that you are planning on electrocuting me but I have foiled your evil plan!”

As Ebanetheus rose from his seat he grabbed his flute. Eeldusa cackled “what, are you going to do blow me to death!”
“no actually, I think you need a good rest,” Ebanetheus cried and he started to play but Eeldusa fort it and her yellow eyes glinted in cabin light. She draw electricity from her hands and lapped forward her eel hair sneering. In mid jump Eeldusa dropped to the ground fast asleep Ebanetheus draw his arrow and then said with a tear in his dark blue eyes “you could have became so much more than what you were, you could have saved so many instead of murdering them you are beautiful creatcher” then he drove his arrow into her cold heart.

When he returned home his parents gave him the one thing he had wanted all his life - he was now a god.

By Sienna Cowley-Grimmond
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