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The Greek Hero

A myth submitted to the site by Lucy

Kos City, Greese

Once long ago there was a Greek hero called Maculeas,
He has a father and mother called Diana a Goddess and Neckuleas a King.

One day Maculeas woke up one morning and his mother was screaming at the top of her voice, what was it? He thought, It was a man with a sword he was taking there goods, Maculeas’s mother was so scared his dad was gone somewhere and he didn’t know what to do. But he had a plan, he ran up stairs and got his dads enchanted bow and arrow and used it how his dad had told him for a day like this. With a blink of an eye the man with the sword was dead, his mother was so relieved and thanked her son.

Later after that his father came back home his mother Diana, explained to his father how Maculeas saved her, so Neckuleas the king, gave him his enchanted bow and arrow to keep he said “ well done for your bravery”. And he soon saved more people’s lives.

Ones there were a little girl called Nianda she had an octopus body and elephant ears she could here anything from far away she lives in the bottom of a lake. One day she heard a man from the other side of her lake and sneaked up in the water, he was looking for some fish she saw some food on the end of the fishing rod so she grabbed it as tight as she could. The man pulled the rope up and found that there was Nianda the Octopus he was terrified he didn’t know what to do because the little girl was trying to eat him because she had not eaten in weeks the man ran as fast as he could. He stopped for a second and found a branch and a sharp stone he carved the branch into a knife. He found the girl and hid behind a tree she was looking for him. He jumped out from the tree and stabbed her he was so relieved. He put her body back into her lake and walked away forever.

One day there was a monster called Badusa, she had a woman’s head and a bat body no one liked her. She lives in some mountains, there is also a hero called Maculeas he has dark brown hair, bright blue eyes and is very brave.
One day Maculeas heard a noise and also smelt something wired it smelt like fire. He ran down the stairs got changed and out the door. It was like a war! Buildings were rotting to the ground and some were on fire he got an army to fight back to the people who were destroying the city Kos.
He also spotted a monster that was destroying the city too. Maculeas grabbed the enchanted sword that killed with only one stab. He found it on the floor and used it to fight back, people was pouring water over burning buildings, soon there was no more fire and nearly everyone had stopped fighting except the one monster she was still trying to fight.

He ran over to her and spoke out loud, ‘No one else might not be able to fight you but I can’! Everyone was amazed and they all guarded around they were fighting and fighting but the monster gave up and Maculeas stabbed her in the back everyone was cheering and the king gave him a medal for his bravery ‘This belongs to you’ he said.
They all lived happily ever after.
The End!

By Lucy
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