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Dinousa and Saltusa

A myth submitted to the site by Sammy Luce

Dasia, Greece

Once upon a time lived a brave hero he was called Dinousa his dad was called Zeus and he was a god his mum was called Aethusa she was a princess. When he was born his dad gave him some powers, super strength and invincibility but if he got punched in the tummy he would die he also had a magical harp that froze monsters.

Once a upon a time they lived a monster called Saltusa he lived in a cave he had a gorilla head and a puffer fish as his body he also had a DEVIL cape it was burning of hotness it looked like it was burning him when he was angry and mad he puffed up and shot spikes at heroes, he lived in a mountain called Oeta.

One day Dionusa was sailing he got called back in to the harbour when he got back the King told him to go and kill the Saltusa. Dinousa said but why then the king said he is eating all the people in the village. Dionusa said OK!!
Dionuas sailed to the mountain Oeta, when he got to the top of the mountain and he found a deep, deep cave. There was a ladder going down so Dionusa went down the ladder then he heard a roar he got his magical harp ready then he heard stump, stump. Saltusa was getting closer...Saltusa puffed up, shot spikes, Dionusa swiped his hand across the strings of the magical harp first it froze the spikes then froze Saltusa, then he jumped on its back and got his harp and stabbed his harp through the back!!!

When he arrived home he got 45 gold coins his mum and dad were so glad they did a big party and that is where he fell in love and they lived happily ever after.

By Sammy Luce
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