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Steveus and the Tracadusa

A myth submitted to the site by Stevie Austen

Acharnae, Hellas

Steveus and the Tracadusa!

A very long, long time ago there was a boy called Steveus, he was only 10 years old. Steveus was quite small and really strong. He had black wavy hair and beautiful shimmery blue eyes. He was a big fan of Theseus as he defeated the Minotaur. Every time his friends, Luseus, Kaliseus, Terluse and Berseus came over they always play fought, Heros and Monsters. Luseus and Steveus were the hero’s and Terluse and Kaliseuse were the monsters, and Beseus was the king.

When they were done play fighting Kaliseus said “I know lets design our own monsters,”
“Yeah mines going to be called Minobaur” Berseus cried.
“Mines going to be called Merbal” Terluce shouted.
“Mines going to be called Trashula” kaliseus told us.
“Mines going be called Roborica” Luseus said
“Yeah well mines going be T... T... T Tracadusa” Steveus smiled.

15 yrs later:
“Steveus, help me! The big monster called Tracadusa took my dog Sadie” a little boy cried.
Steveus smiled for a second and then stopped when he heard the name Tracadusa. He thought to himself, (Isn’t that the name I called my made up monster when I was 10?).
“Don’t worry little boy I will find it and kill it” Steveus hoped. The little boy cheered.
Steveus got a bit worried. He ran home and said to his father, “There’s Tracadusa coming father I must kill it!”
“Oh please Steveus, Tracadusa was just one of your made up monsters!” Steveus's dad sighed.

But Steveus wouldn’t give up he wanted to be a hero, like Theseus was, he was determined to kill his made up monster he knew he could do it.
He thought, I didn’t make it that strong...
It only breathes fire, and has shark teeth and has bat wings with a knife at each side. I can do this, I made it up and I’m going to make it down, I mean break it down, Steseus thought.
The next day Steveus woke up to a beautiful tune. He got changed into his bright shiny armer, picked up his golden enchanted sword and followed the tune.

He followed it and followed it and followed it until he found a sugar castle and wondered “how is there a castle made out of chocolate, sugar and sweets”, Steveus’s tummy rumbled.
“Well I didn’t have breakfast this morning so...” off he went. He walked down the path to the sugar castle. When he got there he saw king Traceus and his beautiful daughter Princess Jessie..

King Traceus said “Who are you? and what are you doing here?”
“I’m Prince Steveus, I heard a beautiful song which was probably Tracadusa.” said Steveus.
“Wait, how do you know what Tracadusa is and how do you know were Tracadusa is?”
I bet your rotten father King Daveous told you” said king Traceous
“No, I made up Tracadusa and my father didn’t even know I was here, and WOW you ask alot of questions” said Steveus.

“Throw him in with Tracadusa” King Traceus demanded.

They threw Steveus in the sugar castle. He heard big loud foot steps behind him as a shadow cirled over his head and Steveus felt something on his head like a massive baby was dribbling on him. He looked up and saw Tracadusa standing there.
“Come on then” Steveus yelled nervously. Tracadusa started singing. “I’m not falling for that again Tracadusa. Steveus put his hand on his head as Tracadusa put its head nearer and nearer to Steveus.
The Tracadusa smiled and ran away to get a saddle and put it next to Steveus. He picked up the saddle and put it on the Tracadusa and sat on it then flew threw the sugar castle door breaking the whole place. Before they flew up into the sky they picked up Princess Jessie and flew back home.

King Daveus woke up and went to wake Prince Steveus up but when he went there King Daveus got changed and searched everywere to find Steveus. He couldn’t find him so he ran to the weapon cupboard, grabbed a sword, jumped off a cliff and stabed himself while falling.
And when Steveus came back he heard the news as someone saw King Daveus jump off a cliff and stab himself and they told Prince Steveus.
A couple of years later:
Prince Steveus became King and got married to Princess Jessie who became Queen.

The end!

By Stevie Austen
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