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My Greek Myth

A myth submitted to the site by Matt

One day there was a hero called Mattiaus he was a big person.
His super strongth power was with super speed powers were no match for anyone else. With his super strongth hands knowone could come close to him with the strength. His dad was the god of the sky.

On the other side of the earth there was a monster called Behiaucias. His head was a wolf and a body of a shark he had special meteors and he can block anything in the world. He lives under a deep dark cave.

One day Behiaucias wanted to take over the world but Matticaus wasn’t to let him without a fight. Matticaus set of to save the world. When he arrived at the deep dark cave there was a huge bash. Welcome said the creepy voice.
Mattiaus used his super strength to fight Behiaucias but it couldn’t match his blocking powers. Then all off a sudden blocking was broken because of Mattiaus super strength there was no doubt Mattiaus was winning. Behiaucias was getting more heart by the minute then Behiaucias through a meteor at Matticaus he used his super speed to sprint away from the meteor. Then Mattiaus used his super strength as hard as he could and Behiaucias died.

Then Mattiaus went to the sky and said to the world “everyone everyone, Behiaucias is dead.” Everyone cheered they held a party after the party Mattiaus had rereleased what he done he was a hero.
The story is still told all around the world.

By Matt
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