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Lincoln Imp

A myth submitted to the site by Tom Kay

Lincoln , England

(This story is about the evil Lincoln Imp)
Many, many years ago there were two Imps eating down below the ground in the devils den."Come here now!!"Satan shouted with fury as if it was his war cry. The two little frightened Imps scurried across the cold dead floor to their masters feet and bowed.
"Your making me sick, go and play outside you filthy raths." The two Imps flew outside as fast as they could carrying their feet behind them. When they were playing there was a massive gurge of wind which sent them down to earth, the force was so strong that the two Imps could not control it and they could not escape it as if they were animals locked in a indistructable cage.

The Imps landed in Lincoln near the cathedral and curled up in each other as if it were a cacoon. The Imps were scared and bored so one of the Imps Kaxa dared Gorgonia to fly inside the old battered cathedral. Gorgonia timed it just right when the Minister walked into the cathedral, Gorgonia pounced into the cathedral that fast the Minister did not notice.

Gorgonia struggled to fly becuase of its wing and colapes and falls in front of the Lord Bishop tripping him up and knocks him out of his hidey hole right before the Deon walks in, Klaxa then hides behind the big wooden door and waits for him up. Gorgonia and Klaxa laugh thinking it was amusing, while Klaxa tripped the Deon up Gorgonia got a table cloth and used it for his wing.

Then they both glided outside wrecking all the banners, they broke the glass windows and knocked down all the pillars and caused load of other havoc. Then they both flew around the Vergers teasing them and taking there hymn books away from them and throwing them back at them. The evil slimey creatures thought they should go to the top of the cathedral and they rang and rang and rang the bells till all of the people screeched with fear. Then when the Imps started to push there luck and started to wreck the whole cathedral and the whole Lincoln near where the Imps were absolutley abliterated, there was a blinding light which was caused by the angels telling them to stop. But suddenly the sky turned black. You could see the mischevious smirks upon the Imps faces and their own eyes turned red as if there whole eyeballs filled up with blood.

The angels look and gasp as they look at the Imps then the sky turned red as well. Then as quiet as the eye could see Satan the powerful god of the UNDER WORLD !!! UNDERWORLD UNDERWORLD underworld Satan shouted with his echoing voice as if he was in a cave . The angels turned round to look at him and when the RED DEVIL wasn't looking the angels turned him into stone and just as they did that he started to crumble, then the angels blew and blew making him into tiny rocks.

Then the Imps start gathering stones of the Devil and launching them at the undefeatable angels. The angels do the same to the Imps and one still stands at the front of the cathedral today. When you go to Lincoln never turn back to the Imps people still still say they can be mischevious or else... The moral is that good will aleays triumph over evil.

By Tom Kay
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