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Andrious and the Hiltumonater

A myth submitted to the site by Olivia Palmer

Larissa , Greece

Once upon a time long long ago in the Greek city of Larissa there was a goddess called Fenrous and her handsome husband called Nateraclues who was god of all animals. They had a beautiful teenage son called Androiues who could turn into a wolf when ever he liked. He also had a magic ring that was given to him by his wolf pack who he lived with that would keep everybody happy as long as he was wearing it.

Far up in the mountain the Hiltumonater was building a new castle made out of obsidian since the last home got blown down by the wind. As it turned around you could see its bright white glowing eyes, its vicious teeth and its black head as its body jingled as he walked around the castle. Its scorpion tail moving about and every so often stinging the ground.

So Androiues set of to go to the mountain and slay the Hiltunonator but the mountain of Galinso was five cities away but nothing was going to stop the great Andrioues from slaying the beast. If he didn’t kill the monster he would risk loads of lives including all the animals and children by letting them freeze to death. In one day he managed to travel through two of the five cities witch meant he would reach the mountain in one and a half days. One whole day past and he only had one city left to go across but this city was the biggest of all it was really crowded with building and a population of 2403. Andrious was really scared to go into this one not just because this one was big, but because this one was full of assassins that would kill anyone that looked like anyone they were after.

Lucily Andrious didn’t look like anyone they were after but he did pick up some oil to polish his ring because the more shinier the ring was the happier the people were. Finally he had reached the mountain of Galinso and the sun was starting to go down but he did not have any shelter. Luckily the mountain was covered in one meter thick snow, so Andrious started to dig out a big hole in the snow to survive the night in since the city was one mile away now. He cleverly changed himself into a wolf so that he wouldn’t freeze in the night he got into the hole and started to think of what might happen tomorrow. Andruious woke up still in his hole and the sun was just coming up from the horizon. Andrious started to climb up the mountain getting weaker and weaker as he went past more and more mini obsidian castles. Finally he could see the massive mansion [also made out of obsidian] coming out of the distance so he could not top himself from going closer even though he was really weak. He put on some armour, got his diamond sword out and started to look for the Hiltumonater.

He looked around for the monster but he could not find him until he found a room with a load of skeleton guards. His spine froze as he for the first time laid eyes on the monstrosity for the first time. He took out his sword as the sky began to thunder, lightning struck the tower as Andrious the brave took out his sword and plunged it into the Hiltumonaters foot so that it would turn around and face him. Andrious threw his sword at the monster’s heart. The Hiltomonater was dead

At that very moment all the skeletons turned back into normal humans and bowed to him for setting them free. “thank you for freeing us from that terrible monster” one man said. “We hated being skeletons, it was horrible”.
"Well you are coming with me to destroy all the little obsidian castles so that another one of them doesn’t spawn, come on!” So they all destroyed the mini castles and went back to Lissara on a boat ride, since Andrious didn’t want to travel through all of those cities again.

Finally they arrived back at Lissara to find that his mother and farther hadn’t aged at all but he had a little baby brother called Avanolize. Andrious was very happy now he had his family back and saved all the guards.

By Olivia Palmer
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