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The New York Hotel

A myth submitted to the site by Maisie Humphreys

Paris, France

Back in 1996 there were some strange reports coming from a New York hotel on Halloween night. This all started when a policeman got a strange call from four children saying that there nanny was going crazy and trying to kill them.

20 years later it was the day before Halloween night when there were four children two girls and two boys. They were all downstairs in the lobby when this strange man appeared with the spookiest deep voice, and he said to them “Are you excited for Halloween?” And the kids replied back with. “Yes we can’t wait for all the sweets.” The man laughed and crouched down to their height and said "well whatever you do don’t go up on the 13th floor." All the children laughed and asked why. The strange man replied with, “There are knife maniacs up there also some spooky twins." All of them laughed but the man did not smile he just said fine don’t listen to me, and he told them that they should be careful with any nannies in the house taken care of children but he did not say why.

It was the next day which means Halloween all the kids were getting ready in their costumes and there nanny as well. She was going to a party with her new boyfriend and she told the children that they must be back by 9 O’clock. All the children said yes and set off but their nanny had to stay and right her book that she started because she wanted to show a very important man who was at the party her book and maybe he would publish it. Then it was getting late and the nanny was getting very tired and she then finished her book and fell strait to sleep, but then her boyfriend came in and said come on we have to go to this party.

The kids were out trick or treating all around the hotel and they went into the elevator, and the eldest boy pressed the thirteenth floor button. The oldest which was the girl shouted with terror, “Why on earth would you press the thirteenth floor that creepy man told us not to go up there”. The oldest boy just told her to shut up and that none of that was true. So they all crept out onto the silent and dark thirteenth floor. When they knocked at a door these two twins came out and did not smile and said. “Come play”. SO all the children ran screaming - twins just like he said. But then they thought they had lost them so they knocked at another door, but then a creepy man with a knife answered so they all ran as fast as their legs could take them.

Back in the hotel the nanny and her boyfriend were about to leave when the boyfriend accidently dropped the punch all over the nanny when she was chopping fruit so she screamed and held the knife high up in the air. At this point all the kids came running in there pent house but no one saw them, and then their nanny got really angry because the kids were late home but little did she know they had just came in so as she was holding the knife up in the air she said. “I’M GOING TO KILL THEM KIDS!” So all of the children ran downstairs and there nanny heard and chased them down the lobby and caught them. All of the children screamed but the nanny then said. “Guys stop I’m not going to hurt you.” So they all took a deep breath and went back into their penthouse.

As all of the children plus the nanny and her boyfriend were all up stairs and the doorman boyfriend asked. “Now what scared all you guys to being like this.” And the boy said back. “That creepy bellman Marvin.” But the doorman replied back with. “But we don’t have a bellman called Marvin.” All the children, nanny and her doorman boyfriend all gasped.

By Maisie Humphreys
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