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A myth submitted to the site by Imigine Shoemark

Adelong, Australia

There are warewolves in this world but some of us cant see it, you may say that warewolves are just a fairy tale, but if you say that they are a fairy tale then they will hunt you down, untill they have stop because they would have eaten you, so if I was you I would believe in warewolves because they will come for you.

This is a story I am going to tell you about a little boy who says that warewolves are made believe. One night this little boy was wondering around town way past his bed time when he heard a howl comming from the woods, he wasnt sure what it was but as soon as he got home his parents seen him and wanted to tell him a myth.
'' Listen son there was this girl in my class that allways went out at night light and never cared about the noises around her while she was walking around town she seen these large foot prints near the woods, any kid would run away but this kid wouldnt so she followed the foot prints and they ended up near a tree....'' said father
'' Can i go now'' said son
'' No you cant just wait till your father finishes.'' said mother, so father continued ''As i was saying, she looked up in the tree and saw a warewolve, at school shes always been saying that warewolves arent real but as soon as she seen so many warewolves she ran as fast as she could but as soon as she was in her yard she disappeared the warewolves took her and ate her for dinner from that day on no one has heard from her.

So thats why you have to stay inside at night and belive in warewolves your mother and i do.''
'' Yeah yeah ok i dont really care its my life and i can do what ever i want.'' says there son. Then he walked of and slammed the door.

The next morning the little boy went to school and told everyone that warewolves aint real it just a myth, everyone was surprised to hear that someone would say that out loud.

That night when the little boy was walking home at midnight he seen large foot prints on the ground, he didnt mind the foot prints so he carried on untill he seen thousands of warewolves so he ran for his life but as soon as he got into his front yard he disappeared and was never seen of again.

So if you are a kid that dont believes in warewolves you better watch out because they are watching you and you dont even know it!

By Imigine Shoemark
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