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The Boys and Hades

A myth submitted to the site by Cody.flew

Once upon a time there lived two brothers. The brothers tried very hard to be good gardeners. But even the pigs that rooted in their garden for food each day knew they were not very good at gardening. What they were good at, great at were ballgames.

Other people cheered so loudly whenever the boys played ball that the noise attracted the attention of the hades. Hades lived in the Underworld. They liked to trick people into dying. They especially liked tricking people who were bothering them, and the boys were bothering them. They were far too noisy.

Hades sent a message to the brothers about their wonderful talent. The message included an invitation to play a ballgame in the Underworld. The brothers were instructed to bring their ball and their protective gear as none could be provided. No one played ball in the Underworld normally, so this would be a great treat for everyone.

The brothers did not trust Hades. They hid their ball and protective gear under the rafters in their mother's house. Perhaps without gear they would not have to play and thus could avoid whatever trickery hades had planned.

The boys set out for the Underworld. They made it safely across the river of spikes. They made it safely across the river of blood. They made it safely across the river of pus. They arrived safely at the house of hades.

There, Hades waited for them to say hello. It was a trick. hades was only a wood statue. When the boys said hello to a wood statue, the real hades rushed out from where they had been hiding. They shook their heads in pretended shock. "Do you think our heads are filled with wood?" they cried. The brothers had been royally tricked. They had failed a test.
"Now wait," interrupted one of the real hades. "They did get across all three rivers safely."
"Hum," said one of the other hades thoughtfully. "You're right, of course. Hardly anyone ever does that! That's quite an accomplishment and needs to be taken into consideration."
"Have a seat while we think about what to do with you," a third hades nodded to the brothers.
Feeling hopeful that perhaps they would not be killed after all, the brothers sat down on a bench. The bench was burning hot. The boys leaped up, but it was too late. They had failed another test. For failing two tests, the boys were immediately sacrificed. Their bodies were buried under a ball court back on earth.

By Cody.flew
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