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The Stars of People's Flesh and Blood

A myth submitted to the site by Erin Lee

Dragon World, Dragon World

When the dragon world was new as new, the god and the goddess of the world, Icus and Kasilinka made the first humans and the first nymphs. Of course, there was the Weather god, Mulkirus. He was pure evil, unkind and always jealous. The people were glorious and kind.

But the nymphs, were vicious and cruel, and ate humans! The nymphs stole sacrificed human bodies. There was one big problem. They couldn’t eat them so hard, like a stone. So they crushed the bodies into a thick paste. After crushing them, they left them for one day. They slurped the paste into their mouths. And when you saw them, it was so gross!

Mulkirus was getting more jealous than ever when the humans didn’t worship him, but Kasilinka and Icus. Mulkirus met his friend, Lukan the nymph by the river. Lukan too was very evil.

“Oh, how I hate those humans, Kasilinka and Icus. If I only could torture them to death…”

“I hate them too.”

Lukan seemed to think something. Suddenly, he slapped his thigh. “Yes! Yes! You can cover the sky with dark clouds!” Lukan exclaimed.

Mulkirus dipped his words in a pool of misery and shot them out. “Oh, how will they suffer? And that god couple would lock me up in the tartaros when they find out!”

“Don’t worry, Mulkirus. Without light, the plants will die. Without plants, the herbivores will die. The people, who used to eat them, will die. Then you can hide wherever you want!”

“Yes! That’s right, I will! Now I will be the king of the gods!”

That night, Mulkirus snuck up, in his coal black night cloak he wore when he was forming clouds.

Meanwhile, Icus was watching the dark, black cloak below. “I wonder who is under that cloak.”

“Yes, that is very suspicious.” Said Kasilinka, who had suddenly followed him out.

“Oh, whatever. Let’s go check.” The gods turned themselves into dragons, the kinds that were very common.

In the coal black cloak, Mulkirus could hear the dragon wings fluttering around. He felt cautious and changed into a fly. When Kasilinka went closer and checked, she only saw a fly.

When the gods were gone, Mulkirus crawled out and made a fire. From the smoke it made, he made black clouds by imprisoning the smoke in the black cloak and releasing it. He released it out to the sky right away. It covered the Moon in no time.

The next day, the humans, Kasilinka and Icus discovered the black clouds filling everywhere and no light- anywhere. The crops and the plants began to die and go extinct. The animals and the humans began to starve.

They cried, “Oh gods, why, oh why do you give us so much to suffer?”

Meanwhile, the gods were very worried, too. But Mulkirus, he hid in the house where the starved-to-deathed people used to live. He was getting happier and happier. The humans couldn’t just sit and watch. They sacrificed some people.

“Oh humble Kasilinka and Icus, please receive this people’s blood and save us from death!”

As usual, the nymphs took away the bodies and smashed them up. They were guarding their food. Lukan was the one to protect it.

At midnight, Kasilinka flew down to the nymph’s village. Lukan was there with his eyes wide open. Kasilinka flew down and killed him with a single claw. She flew up and met Icus, who was holding Mulkirus in his hands. Kasilinka immediately imprisoned Mulkirus deep in Dragon World, the Tartaros.

Kasilinka and Icus started working immediately. They mixed some brightness in to the human’s-flesh-and-blood paste and made the paste round and bright. They then stuck them to the sky. They were called ‘Stars’. Surprisingly, the stars absorbed the black clouds and made the Dragon World bright once again.

That is why when you look up in the night sky you see stars. That is made out of people’s flesh, and blood.

By Erin Lee
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