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The Lost

A myth submitted to the site by Sydney

Celestia, Ponyville

They say the ever free forest was real. But some people, thinks this is a myth. If you enter the ever free forest you will never be herd from agian, NEVER!

It all began were a little girl, Sireta was picking berries for her family to make berry pie. Mmmm. She entered the ever free forest! Hours later the family got worried. They went to the ever free forest! Mean while there next door niebor Sosha realized they were gone for a long time. She wanted to go check on her.

Years later no one knew what had happen to the family and the niebor. I really want to know!!! I packed up and got going.There liad the ever free forest. I took my lantern and got walking. There was a cave. I took a shot and went in. There was a person! It was,it was s-s-s-Sosha! Sosha is that you! Grrrrr! She looks like some one is controlling her. But who? Grrrrrrrr! Oh no the family! My idea is to run! Ahhhhhh!they got tired and I ran away. I was safe and sound.

Soon a creature came at me. It tried to put some thing on me but I ran. I went back to the others. I took the things off them. Sosha, is that you? Huh? What happen!i'll explain later! We don't have enough time come on! We escaped the ever free forest. That day, the story was known every were. No one and I mean no one managed to enter the ever free forest ever.

By Sydney
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