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The Witch And The Dragon

A myth submitted to the site by Maggie Hamilton

Wolverhampton, wolverhampton, England

1000 years ago there was a green dragon who hated witches. He thought they were a waste of magic! He also said that they should be buried alive. Dragons hated witches but this dragon hated them even more.

Witches didn’t know dragons were alive back then. They had heard of them before but didn’t take much notice of the stories about them as they thought they were just made up.

One day the dragon was in a really terrible mood and wanted to upset somebody. So he decided he would go into the woods at night to torture a witch. He looked under every branch of every tree but could not find one anywhere.

(Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaarrr)

WOT WAS THAT” said the dragon! It was a wicked witch. She was sitting in the corner laughing evilly. At that moment the dragon ran over to her and started breathing hot steamy fire into her face.

“ Awwwwwwwch”, is what the witch said after she got burned by the hot steamy breath from the dragon. The witch was shocked because she didn’t think there was such thing as dragons. (But her eyes didn’t lie).

The witch felt scared around the dragon so she performed one of her evil ticks to make the dragon disappear. But it didn’t work. Because that didn’t work she called a group of witches to help her defeat the dragon. Then the dragon did the same. He called a group of dragons to help to defeat the witches. Now they were equal.

Both groups stared to argue: shout loudly; complain harshly and moan a lot. After many days of fighting they found that they were getting nowhere. So they came to a decision. The witches argued “if we win a fight against you will you leave us alone?”. They agreed on that. Then the dragons replied “if we win, we can bury you alive”. They agreed on that too. The battle began…

The witches and the dragons started to fight, but none of them seemed to be winning. They were both bad at fighting. They fought for many days but still neither side could win.

Then something really strange happened. A witch-dragon appeared from in the distance. It breathed fire and had magical powers. They wondered why it is called a witch-dragon. why why why? But the witch dragon was on one side. He was on the witch’s side. Because he thought it was good that they could do magical things.

Having the witch-dragon on their team they were able to win the fight. From then on the dragons left the witches alone because of the agreement, and that the witch-dragon could defeat them single handedly.

By Maggie Hamilton
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