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A myth submitted to the site by Hannah Tomaskovic

City, Egypt

I was the flabbergasting queen of Egypt. I had a father that was the king of Egypt. I was born on August 30th,69 BC. My home was dirty dusty disgusting, but beautiful Alexandria. The capital of Egypt.It was my home. It was discover by Alexander the Great. It is surrounded by blue, beautiful, chilly water. I had two older sisters,one younger sister and two younger brothers. I had an education that was amazing. I also knew how to rule a huge empire. I was taught by the servants and my dad. My childhood was pretty awesome!


I was 33 when I got married to Marc Antony. I had three kids, Alexander Helios, Cleopatra Selene, and Ptolemy-Philadelphus. When I met Ceasar I was 22. How I met Ceasar is a looonnngg story,but I’ll tell you it. it started when my brother and I demanding war on each other, but it was interrupted by the arrival of Julius Ceasar. He sent a letter to both of us that said “ Come to the glamorous palace and meet me." My brothers advisers were afraid
I might take Caesar's favor. So they surrounded the beautiful palace with growning growening guards.But I had a brilliant plan, roll up in a rug and have a man bring me in.

Ceasar was really surprised when I rolled out. So that’s the story. The accomplishments I made were:becoming Queen of Egypt at the age of eighteen, and have a barge with beautiful purple sails.

Interesting facts about me are: Antony swore to protect me and my children and to keep in rule. Also I was the last pharaoh that existed in Ancient Egypt. My reign was from 51 BC to 30 BC. My job was to be the Queen of Egypt.
Other info about me is:I traveled to Rome (capital of Italy), my brother died of poison in his grape wine.
Why I am famous is because: I got bit by a asp( a snake), and because I was one of Egypt's most famous leaders because of all i did to try to save my kingdom from the grips of the roman empire.
So that’s my adulthood!

By Hannah Tomaskovic
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