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The Truth About Light and Darkness

A myth submitted to the site by Alex Cole

The Universe, America

In the beginning, there was Darkness, and there was no pain. From the Darkness, beings had manifested, pure and innocent. They spoke, they played, and they lived in peace.

Then, suddenly, Light came into existence, and beings of Light from that. The Light beings saw the Dark beings and hated them. The Light attacked the Dark and sought its total annihilation. After many millennia, the Dark neared extinction, and hid.

Light ruled the universe, but the Dark could not be eliminated completely. Several Dark beings survived, scattered around the universe. After a time, however, the beings of Light began to die, as they sought to remain “pure,” their unnatural nature destroying them. Now, only a few of the original Light beings remain.

After a while, physical beings began to appear, with both Light and Dark in their souls. The remaining Light beings manipulated them, being revered as Gods. They demonized the remaining Dark beings, causing the physical beings to hate them and their own natures, as they possessed Darkness in themselves. Those who sought to rid themselves of Darkness went mad and destroyed themselves.

It is said that one day, a being of Darkness will obtain a physical form, and bring about the downfall of the Light. It is unknown when this will occur, but Darkness will reclaim the universe and end the Light.

And then, there will be peace.

By Alex Cole
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