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The Colour Ribbon of Atlantis

Wolverhampton, Lanesfield, England

The Colour Ribbon of

Many millenniums ago, there was a mystical land called Atlantis. Not many people went to the island- or came out for that matter. The only ones who lived there were born there. A long time ago, Atlantis was at war with a sister island. Nearly all of Atlantis’s people died, leaving only the Queen of the Sky and the King of Atlantis. Starr, of the sky, was promised to the king. She lived high in the clouds, floating around without a care. The king, Vulcan, admired her and watched her everyday. He couldn’t wait till their marriage.

Next to Vulcan’s palace was a bridge leading to the island of Mariposa. There lived the Unicorns, a kindly group of creatures. Beyond Mariposa were two hills, where unknown to all the other inhabitants lived a mortal by the name of Caelliuss. He lived in a remote hut on the sandy, dry shore. One day he was searching for food, when he saw a beautiful girl with glistening emerald eyes. She was, to his amazement, perched on a cloud, brushing her curtain of shiny, dark hair. He thought to himself, I must find that girl. He decided to venture over the hills and to the mystical land of Atlantis.

He climbed over the hills, sweeping his dry, golden hair out of his eyes. This was a long journey; he was prepared to do anything. Many days later he reached Mariposa. All he needed to do was cross the bridge to Atlantis, not a hard task for such a skilled and strong athlete! He ran to the grassy field and wiped his forehead. He looked up and saw the beautiful girl staring into his shiny blue eyes. She beamed at him.
“My name’s Starr, Queen of the Sky! Who are you? I’ve never seen you before,” She told Caelliuss.

For the next few days they bonded, gradually falling in. The whole time, King Vulcan was watching them; his dark eyes glared jealously. He had just seen Star give Caelliuss a gift. It was the ring, which would enable him to fly. This was all he could accept. He tied up his long, jet black hair, climbed onto the turrets of his palace and waved to the happy couple. He signalled to them to pull him up onto the cloud they were lounging on. They, unsuspectingly, obeyed him. He grabbed onto Caelliuss wrist and tried to throw him off the cloud. Unfortunately he slipped and was thrown into the lake. He screamed.
“We will only help you if you leave us alone,” cried Starr.
“I promise!” he cried and pleaded for help. Caelliuss and Starr grabbed his hands and pulled him up. They climbed down to the field. Vulcan’s knees hit the ground and he begged for forgiveness. He paid for half the wedding and invited all on the land.

On their wedding day, Starr let a tear drop from her eye but then smiled proudly. A beautiful strip of multicolour appeared across the sky. It was named a colour ribbon.

Sadly, many years ago the island sunk, but the remains were identified in the twenty-first century. If you go there today, you can see the ghostly figure of Starr, rising to the surface with the colour ribbon hanging over the sky.

By Amreet Kaur Johal

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