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The Wrong Way Round

A myth submitted to the site by IBRAHIM

During the Stone Age, Wales

Long ago during the stone age where life was so simple.
There lived a young boy called Graham,
he was told to do daily chores set by his mum Gretel ,like cleaning the cave,polishing the spears ,feeding the pet wolves ,you know usual cave man stuff .But one day his chores were harder than usual.

- Build a new shelter for his family,

-Hunt the same weight as a woolly mammoth(For the wolves),

-Make fire out of stones(To cook the food),

-Find some fruit(For dinner),

-Sing to his grandma.

Graham thought 'how come the easy chores are last.'

He sighed and said 'I'll do the easy chores first.But Gretel told him not to do them backwards
when he first started doing chores. He thought 'What could go wrong.'

So he finished singing and collected 50 raspberry's,when disaster struck.

Whilst Graham was lighting the fire he saw grey clouds covering the skies. He thought he needed to be quick and finish the chores.S o off he went to quickly hunt a woolly mammoth for the wolves to eat and the fur from the mammoth to make some new clothes and carpet. So by the time he had found a mammoth and finally killed it started spitting rain, e dragged the mammoth through the forest quickly but at the same time it started raining more heavily . By the time Graham had reached home it was pouring with rain heavily.

He quickly grabbed some stick to build the shelter with and as he reached the area with the fire he saw that the fire had been extinguished! So he went under a tree where there was no rain and started to light a fire with two stones as he did this a huge bolt of lightning struck Graham! Suddenly Graham was lit up and suddenly found him self back to the start of the day with his mother ordering him to do him chores.

Graham groaned and his mother asked him "excuse me ?!For groaning like that you can cook dinner too and wash all the clothes at the stream!" and with that his mother rushed off to the neighbors house. Graham moaned "but mum i think I've already done the chores but i didn't do them in order so I've been zapped back in time to re-do the whole day!" His mother shook her head and said "Well taking shortcuts is a silly idea and you usually take longer to finish the job! you should have listened to me the first time ....oh Graham you really are dumb!"


Always listen to your parents and don't try and take short cuts!

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