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Epic Expedition of Mount Everest- The Yeti

Two hikers and their Sherpa guide are on mountain Everest in search of the ancient Sherpa people burial sites.
Climbing up a cliff, the first hiker makes it up to the top only to discover a small crack in the mountain which he thinks may lead to a cave. He calls down to his friend and guide and yells ‘hey guys come and check this out!’

Sliding through the crack for an exhausting 500 meters over snow covered rocky terrain; they finally reach an incredible vast cavern with wall drawings and Sherpa hieroglyphics.
Thinking out aloud, one of the hikers whispers, ‘I think this cave belongs to something else’.

The cave drawings showed a prophecy that told them that when the moon turns blue on the summer solstice, a great beast shall rise…

The picture of the beast was very worn away and difficult to make out. The Sherpa guide saw the drawings on the wall and became extremely scared of what he saw. He told the two hikers that the moon is turning blue tonight and the beast will come, we must leave now!!!!!

Recognising the Sherpa’s panic the Hikers try to calm him down but it was no use, he began to pack his things and could not be talked around.

The Sherpa made his way out of the cavern and gave a final wave goodbye, this is the last time anyone saw him.
Shortly after he left, we heard a deep rumbling roar coming from outside the cave, the first hiker ran to help the Sherpa guide, but was too late.

He saw something huge, rising much bigger than himself. This was the moment when he realised it was the yeti from the cave drawings.

After the yeti tossed the Sherpa over the cliff face, its attention turned to them, but they were not going to die without a fight.

One shot the emergency flare at the beast, causing a diversion, giving the hikers a the few seconds he needed to squeeze back through the narrow cavern leading into the cave.

Once inside, the hikers radioed back to base, hiding in the darkness, not game to light the kerosene lamp fearing this would attract the yeti to their hiding place.
Waiting minutes, but feeling like hours, they heard the chopper overhead. But how were they going to get past the Yeti?
Armed with their climbing gear and only one flare left, they planned their escape.

Together they would charge out of raven, one armed with the grapple hook and climbing gear, throwing it a the snow beast, causing the yeti to stumble and fall heavily down the mountain side. The other would toss the kerosene lamp down the mountain, and shoot the final flare at the flammable liquid, causing an explosive avalanche, swallowing up the yeti in thousands of tonnes of snow…

Their plan worked…The two hikers not far from where the yeti had slipped off the mountain; they walked with ease toward the helicopter.
Safely inside the chopper, puffing and panting from fear and exhaustion, the helicopter started to rise from the mountain, only to feel the chopper straining to lift up, the pilot eyeballed the skids, only to see fluorescent yellow eyes screaming back at him.

Panic set in, the only chance at survival… shake the beast off the chopper.
Manoeuvring the chopper every which way, the hiker slid the door open, aiming straight at the yetis eyes; he aimed the emergency fire extinguisher. Screams yowled across the mountain as the yeti let go, watching it fall from the sky.
The yeti fell to a fate unknown….

Still to this day, there are reports of screaming yowls that can be heard across the Himalayan mountains…

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