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Number Thirteen, Bone Street

Number Thirteen, Bone Street, Cyptos, England

Number thirteen on Bone street was a creepy and dangerous place. It's been empty for years and years. Every time one of those daring boys who like to be show-offs go in there, they take ages. After a while, the kids go to see what has happened to their friend and look inside. They discover that the house is far from empty and with no sign of people living there.

There was actually someone living there but it wasn't actually living. The thing was a terrible thing to meet. It looked like a hundred year old corpse that was walking around without any-knowing of what a horrible thing it was. It had rotting flesh, arms that looked like that they were just bones with a bit of rotting flesh here and there, mouth that had teeth but they where rotting so badly that it looked like he was trying to eat mould.

When the it sees you, it shuffles slowly towards you. You run for the door and find that somebody has locked it, so instead run up the creaky stairs, boards smashing into splinters as you go. When you reach the landing, you see that the thing was slowly making it's way up the stairs, blood pouring from it's mouth. "It's going to eat me!" You think. When it slowly reaches the landing after several failed attempts to push it down the stairs with one of the boards, it grabs your throat and starts to crush your windpipe. As you start to fade, you look to the open door in hope of escape. You see horrors beyond horrors...Your friend is lying on the floor, guts hanging out, throat ripped open and pools of blood everywhere in sight. "Is this what's going to happen to me?" You wonder. The answer: Yes....

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