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The Killer Birds!

A myth submitted to the site by Weronika

Ages, Ages, Ages ago even before Dinosaurs were alive, there lived small, cute birds, but were they actually cute? They kept their eggs in trees that reached the clouds the trees were bigger than anything. They kept their Nests in them tall trees.

One day one of the small birds heard a crack in one of the nests. He turned to look at wasn't his...he turned to the other nest and he found out it was that one. He got so angry. He has been waiting for years for the eggs to hatch but still it wasn't his egg. He turned around just as he heard another crack and a little hiss. he wondered what was that.

He looked up in the sky...he saw a flying fox with 2 legs, 6 ears, it was green and it had 1 eye, the bird looked confused! He hid in the puffy, big tree just as he heard another crack, he saw the egg hatch. But it wasn't a bird...well it was a bird...but what kind? The bird had red eyes, it was brown it had vampire teeth and its fur was covered in blood. The bird was worried but he knew that the little bird was just a baby what could it do.

After a second the bird whisteled and just as he turned around with another whistle the bird started to grow huge! It was larger than the tree! It was faster than a vampire! It had bigger claws than a cat! It had bigger and brighter red eyes than a Owl! The bird hissed and hissed. The other bird try to fly away but the Evil bird was too fast he grabbed onto the little bird's wing and squeezed it as hard as it could the little bird couldn't breathe after a second it died! The evil bird bit its poor little wing...

Then the Little bird woke up shook hids little head and grew as big as the other bird he looked just the same as the other bird! they shook their heads and the same time and smiled evily! they flew around Rastrangerayei (Their town, city, country) When they saw a bird flying they sqeezed it as hard as they could it died they bit him he turned big! As they found more and more birds than worse the land was being!

One day a small fox came it roared really really loud it roared as loud that a comet flew right near the Earth, the clouds were black and everything was in Lava! The comet done a big BANG! on the Earth! All the evil birds died, everything unusuall died. Only the things that were supposed to live forever stayed and survived! THE END!

By Weronika
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