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The Woman of The Isle

A myth submitted to the site by Angela

The Isle of Man, Ireland

In the stir darkness of the night, silent and lifeless explored four youths. "I don't like the dark night," mumbled the youngest of the four with his beady eyes constantly roaming every single direction but dared not turn back as his skin seemed too ridge to be skin but bone. "Silen-t," hissed a much more stiff boy, "I don't like it but I fear turning back is more dangerous than turnin-." He fell dumbstruck... His eyes fell upon the most scarcely sight and most ghastly. He wanted to run but it was as if his muscles couldn't leave the ground.

There stood a slim silhouette of a ominous woman who seemed to trust the jet black garment to defend her from anything and with a hood so sinister it seemed so spine chilling. The other three screamed like banshees but that seemed more foolish than not to run for the ghost which inch by inch turned its head to their direction. A child's scream was let out and the ghost seemed to have heard the pitiful scream and faded into mists as jet black as the woman's robe. The four youths seemed clearly terrified of their experience.

Sadly, the youngest of the four died a few months later of unrest stable shock. However, a few locals confirmed this story quite expectingly, saying it must of been the ghost of a woman who was executed for the crime of murdering her child. She was executed just outside the old castle nearby and when she was walking her last, wore a black robe and hood. As for the boys, they grew up healthy and made a normal living but never did they forget a moment of their most horrifying encounter with the ghost. No one by far, ever saw her again... Not that they would want to!

By Angela
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