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The Tale Of Nessy The Underwater Dragon

Wolverhampton, Lanesfield, England

Long ago, 1656 BC, in the north of Scotland There’s a giant lake taken over by nessy the water dragon. She’s gigantic and covered in spikes as sharp as nails head to tail, no-one would never dare to even go near her or step into her territory.

Three years ago a boy and a girl, named Sam and Margaret, were walking through the woods. They noticed a little house and entered not knowing there was an evil cackling which sitting in there on a little old rocking chair. The evil cackling witch caught them and put an extremely bad spell on both of them; they were both really scared. The spell took them to the lake and put them in a little house under the deep lake right at the bottom of the lake. That’s when nessy was created!

They wouldn’t be able to get out unless Nessy got removed or died in some way either get killed or just naturally die. She swam around the house like a dog chasing its tail. It would never stop. They were so desperate to get out of the horrible place. One day Sam got so annoyed and angry stuck in this little house under the lake he decided to try and kill Nessy. Margaret tried to stop him but he just wouldn’t have it. Margaret was very worried about what he was going to do. She tried to stop him but he wouldn’t give in. he could get killed! He ran around the little house after his mighty sword.

He ran outside trying to hit the fearsome Nessy. He couldn’t reach not even when he climbed onto the large rock so he had an idea. He ran back into the house and ran up the stairs to the top window; he opened it and leaned out trying to achieve his destiny.
After a large amount of slashing his mighty sword side to side he finally hit her on her tail. It made her gets very frustrated and started swimming faster and faster. She started roaring however he didn’t give up. He kept swinging his sword: he was putting all his effort into reaching his destiny. After about 100 tries Sam hit her head right off.

There was a gigantic bang on the floor of the lake of Nessy’s head and huge snake like body dropping onto the sandy floor. Sam and Margaret ran straight to the door and jumped out with joy! They stared in shock! Sam called lets get to the surface just in case. They saw daylight for the first time for three years. Now they wanted to get away so they walked straight ahead. They came to some giant hills covered in brown died grass. There was a sign post saying THE HILLS OF DOOM!!!!

Sam said I don’t fancy going back now, come on lets start. They started to climb up the hills. They started to realise why it was called the HILLS OF DOOM!!!! It was covered in giant trees.

They were climbing to the top but they got lost! They saw a little old lady in a long black cloak with a small basket in her hand full with acorns. Margaret started to shout “STOP! STOP! We need your help. Were lost and were dying to get out!”

The little old lady came walking to them, she told them the way out of the HILLS OF DOOM! They followed her directions which led them to the last hill from there they could see they recognised it. Sam shouted “Margaret that’s the town that we used to live in.”
Margaret replied saying “Oh my god, I never thought we would be back here!”

They walked down the hill in joy knowing that they were going to be back in there home town. They entered a huge party and got engaged.
Six months later they got married and lived happier ever after.

Many people have gone there and heard Nessy’s roar through THE HILLS OF DOOM!

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