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Zeus and Hera's Fall Out

Mount Olympus and a Village, Ancient Greece

One day, there was a terrible storm. The people of Ancient Greece guessed that Zeus, the most great and powerful God, was terribly angry. And they were right...

Zeus was having a go at Hera because she accidently cut off his beard when giving him his weekly hair cut.
"WELL AT LEAST I WAS BORN HUMAN! APHRODITE MADE ME BEAUTIFUL, YOU WERE JEALOUS BEFORE YOU HAD THAT BEARD, AND SHE TOOK PITY ON YOU! WHY ON EARTH SHE DID, I HAVE NO CLUE! YOU AND YOUR STUPID BEARD! I'M GLAD I CUT IT ALL OFF! BEING A GOD SUCKS! AND IT WOULDN'T IF THERE WAS NO SUCH THING AS YOU!" Hera shrieked. Zeus suddenly roared louder and louder, until Hera fell right out of the clouds, plummeting down to Earth! She landed with a horrid thud, and drifted into unconsciousness.

Two women were walking by, and saw Hera lying like that.
"What happened to the poor women?" One asked, "What shall we do Henaphina?"
"We take her home, and nurse her until she is well again, Lalamina!" The other replied. So they picked Hera up and took her home.

Meanwhile, Zeus was getting very worried. He regretted roaring and getting angry, and was in pieces. But that didn't stop him from doing something Hera would hate...
"Poor old Hera. I wonder if she died as a Goddess! She died as a human, became a Goddess. If she died as a Goddess, she could become any type of animal! Come here, give me a kiss!" He started flirting with another Goddess.

2 years later, and Hera had been nursed back to full health. Luckily, she hadn't died. However, she now thought she was the daughter of Henaphina and Lalamina, and that her name was Malasis. Henaphina and Lalamina respected her choice to become Malasis. Zeus came down to Earth to talk to this Malasis. He had heard about her being graceful, blissful and the best girl ever. He wanted to make her his new wife, as there had been no trace of Hera anyway. However, he didn't realise that Malasis was indeed Hera, his somewhat not beloved wife(after all, he hadn't searched for Hera himself, just sent his dumbest slaves to go find her, and they never returned). Also, Malasis had changed her her hair colour to blonde, and had all her posh clothes replaced for a poor person's ones. So, Zeus probably wouldn't of recocnised her.
"Ok, Malasis, please tell me your full name," Zeus asked gently.
"My full name? Malasis Lalaphina Granta, I'm 23 years old look slightly familiar..."
"Come to think of it, so do you...Hera?"
"My husband! I did not know, I...............I.............I............"
Zeus pushed Malasis away.
"I'm wicked. In a bad way. I sent my dumbest slaves to look for you, and gave up hope after a week. I wanted Malasis to be my wife, and I did't even care about Hera anymore!" He exclaimed sadly.
"Remember how we fought over me cutting off your beard? That was so funny! How come you've got a beard now?" Hera(Malasis) said.
"Aphrodite took pity on me! Again!"
"WELL SHE SHOULDN'T HAVE! YOU LOOKED FINE AS IT WAS! WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN, EXACTLY?" Hera/Malasis shrieked. And they started fighting again. Just like the good old days......

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