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The Cyclops and Perseus

Cramlington, , UK

Long ago, in Ancient Greek times, there lived a man called Perseus. Perseus lived in the clouds above the village of Samedi with his father, Zeus - the God of all the Greek Gods. Perseus was a young man who had long curly hair, wore golden armour and had a sword that was unbreakable.

One day the villagers below the clouds heard a faint rumbling and thudding in the distance. They called out to Perseus to investigate the noise, which was becoming gradually louder and louder. Perseus heard the villagers crying out, donned his golden armour and swooped down from the clouds to see what was wrong.
"The noise, Perseus!, We don't know what it is but it is frightening the women and children of the city! Please won't you find out what it is?!".
"Of course I will!" said Perseus and off he swooped with a flap of the strong wings on his back. Perseus flew through the air, the noise becoming louder as he flew.

In the distance, Perseus began to make out a large shape. It got larger and larger as he flew closer. There was dust and rocks and stones flying everywhere as the big shape thundered towards his city. Perseus decided to fly up into the clouds and hide to get a closer look at the shape "What could it possibly be?!" he thought. As the shape rumbled closer, Perseus began to make out the shape of a giant green monster, with two huge horns coming from its head. The monster had 3 giant fat fingers on each hand, with long dirty nails on the end. Perseus could just make out one giant eye in the centre of the beasts head. It was a Cyclops! "Oh no" Perseus thought to himself as he tried to take in the danger that was awaiting the villagers.

Perseus drew out his unbreakable sword and swooped down to face the giant ugly beast. The Cyclops roared at the sight of Perseus - nothing was going to stop him getting to that village to steal of their jewels and treasures!
"Get out of my way you little bug, otherwise I will squish you under one stamp of my hairy feet!" Perseus sped towards the Cyclops with his sword held high. He knew there was only one way to kill a Cyclops which was to chop off his horns. All of the Cyclops power was stored in his horns and by chopping them off they become completely powerless.

Perseus flew around the Cyclops head making him dizzy, then starting waving his sword toward the mighty horns. The horns were sliced off in two mighty swishes of his sword and the Cyclops fell down and died.

Perseus flew back to his village to face the villagers who were clapping and cheering as he described the danger he had saved them from. Perseus was a hero! He flew back up to the clouds where his father Zeus said "Son, I am very proud". Perseus was happy.

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