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Monster Under Beds

Cornwall, England

Has anyone told you that there were monsters under your bed or in your closet? Well there was once a man called Sir Edmand Maple who lived in Cornwall that had a friend called Sir Shawn Nort and well they weren't etzacley friends they both dispised each other.

One day Shawn had a party going on and Edmand decided to invite himself there. So he went out side to find just a random thing so if it was bad then Shawn would be angry. He was surching for something when he stumbled over a sun bleached wooden box so he took that.

Edmand got there when everyone had left and Shawn snatched the box out of his hand and put it under his daughters bed and went to sleep. In the middle of the night the little girl woke up by a scrapping sound so she looked under her bed and saw the box moving so she quickly pulled the cover over her. A phew mutinies later she took the cover down she saw a deadly monster right in front of her bed that had stitches for his eyes with ripped clothes and scruffy hair. In ten seconds she was ate by him.

Shawn came in but he was to late she was gone the monster turned around and steered at him. Shawn screamed in horror and ran out the door got his batten whacked and whacked him until he was banished to the forest and as for Edmund his punishment was getting hung.

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