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Tom and the Invisible Bull Man

A myth submitted to the site by Hari Patel

Leeds Country, GB

Tom and the invisible bull man

Once there was a young man called Tom and,at the moment, nice king who ruled a small kingdom called Great Britain and lived in a city Called Leeds. Far out of the city, in a giant cave, lived the invisible bull man . After 7 months the king roared, "someone must go and defeat this this monster." A brave young man called Tom slowly raised his hand, not at all knowing what and how deadly the beast was, he nervously mumbled “I will go I will defeat the monster." The king said yes and everyone in the staring audience cheered. The king said if he succeeds he will be given 9 billion pieces of shining gold coins and a medal of solid platinum for bravery.

At last he set off on his quest and he saw a long broken bridge; what looked as though it had only 5 pieces left. Luckily there where a few pieces of broken wood on the lightning struck ground so he decided to start in the morning. When Tom woke up he got straight to work on the crooked bridge the first few pieces where tricky but then he got the hang of it. 1 hour later he completed the bridge and slowly walked across it. At the end of the long bridge he saw 2, no 3 lights glowing brightly in the bright blue sky. As they came closer he found out they where 3 gods: Mercury,Apollo and Venus; they offered him 3 glowing magical items. First was a pair of blue and green glasses so he could see the bull man but it couldn't see you. Next was a massive hammer to easily slay the beast but luckily it was as light as a feather, finally was the legendary whistle if you blew on it all three gods would come and help you. The gods last words where, “use them wisely,” then immediately they zoomed back up into the sky like a feather being blown away by a hurricane .

Tom slowly walked into the jagged cave and put his glasses. he saw the bull man. It was like looking into a mirror and seeing yourself as a zombie it was a disgusting ball of muscle and ruff fur. Quickly he picked up the hammer it was like the gods had placed themselves into his body. Meanwhile the bull man was walking around in circles like a carnivore circling it's pray and bumped into Tom his magical glasses fell off not only that his hammer flew half way across the room. Tom ran as fast as he could the even worse thing was he couldn't see the bull man. As he was running he bumped into something furry and found out it was the dreaded bull man.

He was strapped to a humongous table like a doctor operating on a person awake the bull man just picked up sword and just as he was about to cut him in two Tom picked up his whistle and blew it really hard as hard as a grown man hitting a strength o meter and all the gods came rushing down. The bull man turned around and was really very shocked he dropped his sword. Tom quickly picked up the sword up and stabbed the bull man in his heart he fell to the ground and died. Tom picked up the sword and decided to keep it but it was very rusty.

Before the gods went Tom asked them for one last favor a bucket of water and a sponge to clean the sword. Once all the rust had gone he went home. As he was walking he saw a young lady tied to a big balder and in the sky there was a humongous fire breathing dragon “help help” screamed the young lady. Tom quickly picked up his sword and cut all the ropes the young lady said her name was Chloe and muttered “my farther tied me there so the dragon would eat me and find a new place to live then never return”. Quickly Tom raised his sword and the dragon was going so fast the sword cut him in two and he died instantly then fell into a deep chasm like an elephant falling down a cliff. Tom asked Chloe if she wanted to come home with him and she said yes.

Eventually they got home the king was so surprised to see him he tripled the amount of gold and because they were so happy they got married and lived happily ever after. Or did they!
By Hari aged 8 and a half

By Hari Patel
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