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The Warrior, Amena

Greece, Greece

One day in a place called Crete,there lived a warrior named Amena. Amena was always crowded by the people of Crete.
Amena practiced day and night. One day when Amena was
practicing her fighting somebody said `She is so good she
must ave been trained by Ares,the god of war.`
At that point Amena heared what the person had said, she shouted and said`I am better than Ares.`

Ares had heared what she had said,so he came down from Mount Olympus desscised as a little boy. When Ares saw Amena he shouted`I challenge you to a fight`
Amena then said`Ha, I accept,even though I will beat you.`
The next morning,the fight began they would not stop until the end. Nobody won because time ran out.

Ares then turned himself back into his normal form. Amena still thought she was better, so Ares tapped her head and as she did Amena started to grow white fur, grew claws and got taller. Ares said`You will be a white bear forever, so you can fight for the rest of you life!`
Then Ares disapeared,back to Mount Olympus.
Amena then learnt, no one is better than the gods.

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