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The Phoenix's Best Friend

London, United Kingdom

Legend has it that when you see the dog star align with 4 stars the Phoenix will arise again. This happens every 200,000 years hardly anyone knew about this because it is such a long time.

One dark, early morning in June an old lady watched the dog star align. As she waited for the miraculous creature that was about to arise she heard a rumble in the ground! Suddenly flames shot up and a gigantic hole opened. The woman flew away. Then out of the hole came a massive bird with flames all over it. " The Phoenix has risen from the core of the earth" said the old woman with a smile. With a thunderous screech the phoenix flew off into the dark.

When the sun rose the Phoenix turned red. Its flames burned like the sun and its wings and body grew. The Phoenix flew from nation to nation leaving a trail of hot, burning fire wherever it stood.

That night it landed in Athens in Greece to sleep. As it yawned it awoke King Theseus of Athens. As King Theseus ran outside with his sword and shield he watched the Phoenix dance in the moonlight. When the Phoenix saw Theseus it roared at him. It swooped down to capture its prey but Theseus was a man of peace he dropped his sword and touched the Phoenix.

The Phoenix looked and smiled at Theseus. All night Theseus and the Phoenix played and ate together. The next morning Theseus and the Phoenix went for a ride through the clouds. When they came back the guards of the palace ran to the Phoenix to attack it. "HOLD!" shouted Theseus "This majestic bird is my friend, if you dare hurt this bird you shall be KILLED!" The guards looked at Theseus in shock. They dropped their weapons and one by one apologised to Theseus.

It was now September and the Phoenix was weak. It needed to go back to the earths core when the dog star arrived that morning, Theseus heard the Phoenix roaring, and he ran outside to see what was going on. He touched the Phoenix and it started to disappear. When Theseus had the chance he hugged the Phoenix and said goodbye.

After that touching ending Theseus could not think about anything except the Phoenix for several days. He missed it so much that he cried every night thinking about the Phoenix.

One day as he sat in front of his palace a flash of light appeared before him and he heard the Phoenix's roar and saw it smile at him Theseus was the happiest man on earth.

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