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Anansi and Florence the Food Fairy

woolwich, lodon

Once upon a time in the deep, dark woods lived a spider called Anansi. He was so greedy. He was fat because he ate lots of foods. Unfortunately, one day at Anansi house all the food were gone. So Anansi went to his friends house to ask them if they have extra foods however in the evening he came home with no food. So he have to sleep without his dinner.

Early the next morning he went to the woods to find some foods for breakfast. After a little walk Anansi went for a rest. Suddenly, he got an idea! He had read one book called fairies in the woods, in that book he learned how fairy would give people a wish that would be true in horrible ways. Then he went deeper and deeper in the woods, and chop one tree and throw it into the nearest river. In the half tree he wrote: I need more foods otherwise I will chop all the tree in the woods.ha ha ha!

Next day, Anansi went into the kitchen to see if there is any things left. But when he went into the kitchen the kitchen was full of foods, different kinds of foods. Anansi was really joyful. After he saw an tiny note says: This is all for you. I wish you would like this this foods are tasty and magical. to: anansi the greedy spider from: Florence the food fairy

Anansi ate all the food in 24 hours. Later on Anansi have an tummy ache. He went toilet for long long long long long time. Next he hurried through the woods and he was about to chop another tree, however he automatic stopped. It was Florence the food fairy.
"Stop it! what are you doing? are you mad? I did every thing you said but still you start it again. You have eaten all by yourself yesterday. Can't you remember," said Florence.
"I know but It was all yours fault you gave me foods that were poisoned," said Anansi furiously.
"It's not my fault, It was your fault if you didn't eat large amount of food in one day this wasn't going to happen to you, OK! good bye I wish not to see you again!" shouted Florence angrily.
"But before you go can you make my tummy not to hurt" called Anansi.
But it was too late fairy dispersed one pop! Today he learn to save foods for later.

The moral of the story is not to be greedy. Greed stop you from been better person,so never ever in your life make mistake like Anansi did! good luck!


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