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A Quest to Fight a Dragon

A myth submitted to the site by Billykellie

England Newcastle , Britain

Once in a large kingdom there was a king and a man named Conner and the king sent Conner on a quest to kill a dragon but the king only sent him because he thought Conner wouldn't return so Conner started packing his rook sack with food and equipment like a sword,armour,bread,fruit and water.

Conner started walking,it was a long walk and the destination was 1 mile away.Conner was using a compass then it was getting late but Conner was still walking then he soon got tired and put out his sleeping bag and went to sleep. He woke up at 12 am, he put his stuff away
and started walking again, eventually Conner arrived at a dark and scary cave.

Conner lit a torch and walked slowly into the cave, he saw the dragon sleeping then Conner stood on a stick and the stick made a loud snapping noise and it woke up the terrifying beast and Conner finally saw the dragon for real. It had red blooming eyes and black sliver coming out of its mouths its teeth were yellow as an banana but they were razor sharp and the dragon could spit acid and blow fire. Conner had his armour on he took his sword out of his pocket and raised it in the air and dogged all the dragons attacks and jumped on the dragons back and stuck the sword in its back. Then Conner fell of the dragons back and hit the ground but the dragon wasn't dead and the sword was still stuck in the dragons back but then Conner found something sharp in the ground... it was a very sharp thorn meanwhile the dragon was still jumping around then Conner stuck the thorn in the dragons eyes and the dragon fell to the ground. The dragon was half dead then to finish the fight Conner made the dragon eat the sharp thorn and the dragon was dead.

So Conner went back to the castle. The king was surprised to see Conner alive and Conner went home and lived happily ever after

By Billykellie
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