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Zayliah and the Death

A myth submitted to the site by D.B.

Athens, Ancient Greece

Shining bright in the desert of Athens Zayliah was living her usual lovely life with Leonidus, her handsome husband. Remuzay, who was jealous of Zayliahs good life, sat watching Zayliah and her handsome gentleman walking through the peaceful desert holding hands in there little romantic dream.

Remuzay stared at the sunlit sky and pictured a knife made out of the clouds, she knew straight away she had to do something about it. ‘Zayliah could not live this life anymore,’ she thought to herself.

Thinking all day, Remuzay finally came up with the idea to write a letter to Zayliah’s husband Leonidus. She wrote:
Dear Leonidus,
Sorry for any convenience this letter may lead to but could you please go to the Parthenon tomorrow at noon and meet a special guest called Remuzay. She has ruby red hair so should be easy to spot.
Thank you for reading

Leonidus decided to go, even though Zayliah came up with every idea not to.
So the next day at noon Leonidus walked to the Parthenon and saw Remuzay,
“Hi I am Leonidus, you must be Remuzay. It is nice to meet you and umm…. what is this about?” Leonidus spoke.
“Oh nothing urgent I just need to talk to you about things. Let’s go back to my house and talk there.” Remuzay answered.
Eventually they arrived at Remuzays house.
“Take a seat please,” Remuzay pleaded.
At first Remuzay said, “You know we are not actually talking about business I have seen you and me and we have a few things in common.” Remuzay jumped on Leonidus’ lap, Remuzay kissed him but he pushed away then Remuzay went into the kitchen and grabbed a knife.
“Then you will have to die,” Remuzay bellowed.
“I’m sorry, I will love you.” Leonidus shouted. “Too late,” replied Remuzy.
“DIE DIE DIE!” Remuzy stabbed the sword into Leonidus’ heart, she then sped to the city of Sparta.

The next day Zayliah got worried as she didn’t see Leonidus all night. She went to the Parthenon and on the way she went to buy a newspaper. While she went on walking she read the newspaper and in it, it said that the previous night a body was found in a lady called Remuzay’s house. Immediately she knew it was him. Zayliah burst into tears, “Why? What did I ever do to her? Why did she do that? She will pay I know she will.”

Zayliah would not be able to find her alone so she remembered one of her old friends Echo, he was the best at finding people. She wrote him a letter to see if he would go and help. The next day he turned up, Echo had a good plan but Zayliah was not sure at all if it would work but she had tried as she wanted to get Remuzay so badly. “Then we will try it. Thank you for helping me Echo, we will hopefully find her soon,” Zayliah said.

So they got on their way to find Remuzay. A couple of days later they found that she had travelled to Sparta even though Athens and Spartans didn’t get a long; they would still not stop.

Zayliah took time to take a look round Sparta, she then ran into some one with ruby red eyes and ruby red hair. “Echo! Echo! That is Remuzay the one that killed Leonidus. Quickly disguise yourself and put on a wig. Follow my lead and don’t mess up.”

A couple of minutes later Zayliah grabbed a knife as they were arriving at a very dark cave.
“Any last words husband killer? You will never get away with anything again,” screamed Zayliah trembling with fear.
She plunged the knife into Remuzy’s heart, she screamed. The girl screamed and some were far away Echo cried out too.

By D.B.
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