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Revenge is Sweet

A myth submitted to the site by K.F.

Ancient Greece

Lying on the floor faced down, Orpheus began to bang his hands and kick his legs in total disappointment. Why did he look back? If only he just kept on going and trusted King Hades, but after what Aristeus did when he betrayed him Orpheus could trust no-one!

Trust and love is all Orpheus ever gave Eurydice and she didn’t push Aristeus away when he kissed her, which he admitted himself.

Aristeus wasn’t going to get away with this. The ‘friend’ would pay, they were supposed to be friends but anyone that breaks your heart is not a good friend.

Nights passed, Orpheus finally arrived home but his journey wasn’t over yet. He stayed up for 4 late nights planning his revenge, but then he realised he needed to find Aristeus. A bright light shone upon Orpheus’ head he had a brilliant idea. He would play Aristeus his favourite song to entice him in.

Anxiously Orpheus began waiting while playing the lute, Orpheus knew that Aristeus was close by so he stood outside the woods and confidently began playing the song called ‘Fish in the sea.’ After a couple of minutes, a tall dark mysterious shadow crept closer after every note. Could this be his friend or foe? The shadow was rapidly approaching as the light beamed upon the body it was indeed Aristeus but what would Orpheus do? He didn’t think this through. Orpheus invited Aristeus to stay in the palace. Aristeus accepted the invite but was it going to be a happy stay?

Orpheus acted like a slave to Aristeus making him feel comfortable therefore he could strike like a tiger.

Crouching down beside the bed that Aristeus lay upon, Orpheus slid his hands underneath him then lifted the strangely light body to place in the secret room above them. Strapping the body down, Orpheus waited until the morning to seek his revenge because the trap hadn’t caught anything yet. 9 and a half hours later the trap was ready and so was Orpheus.

All he needed was:
1. Aristeus
2. Bed
3. Straps
4. Bucket
5. A rat
6. A torch

It was time to begin. Aristeus was already strapped to the bed, Orpheus swiftly placed a rat on Aristeus face and Aristeus screamed which lead the rat to produce droppings that disappeared into the black hole that was his mouth. Orpheus began burning the bucket with the torch which meant the rat started to dig ripping out an eye and leaving his face disfigured so nobody would ever want to kiss him again.

Days later Orpheus decided he would kill himself to be with his beloved one Eurydice in the underworld now that he had done something bad.

As he plunged the knife into his dilapidated body his spirit raised. Silently the gates opened and the underworld was entered by Orpheus. With a clang the rusty gates shut and Orpheus was never seen again.

By K.F.
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