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Aristeus' Revenge

A myth submitted to the site by C.D.

Ancient Greece

Staring into his wet and tearful palm hoping that when he looked up his beloved Eurydice would be there, Orpheus realised she was no longer there. The heart broken Orpheus disturbingly put his hands together and prayed helplessly for mercy from the Gods but did not get anything. He clambered up from the position that he was in and thought to himself this was all my ‘ friend’s’ fault; ARISTEUS.

After thinking for a while, he knew what he had to do to help his beloved Eurydice rest in peace .He had to seek revenge, Aristeus WOULD PAY!

Travelling for days he had the idea of finding the snake that killed his Eurydice. He journeyed over hills when he came across a house, Orpheus knew this was Aristeus’ house.
Suddenly an emerald green snake came behind, Orpheus grabbed it and put it in a wooden basket .After killing a servant Orpheus disguised himself in the clothes that the unwilling dead servant gave up.

Orpheus entered the house, walking gingerly to the kitchen then suddenly Aristeus said in a loud voice ‘Aristal, (name of dead servant), how dare you not finish dinner! HURRY ALONG NOW! ’ After walking to the kitchen Orpheus grabbed the snake and slowly watched the thick black venom fill the stone bowl .

As the bowl slowly filled, the snake began to close those fearful eyes and sleep. Orpheus knew the snake would soon be awake so letting out an outrageous smirk he poured the venom into the wine glass. He walked out of the kitchen and into a room where Aristeus was sat at a table. Orpheus placed the food in front of Aristeus then left the table and moved into a corner and watched Aristeus slowly.

Aristeus gulped the wine and ate the food whole. Suddenly realising what he had done he turned to face Orpheus and whispered ‘Why?’

Then Orpheus replied, ‘You know why!’ as he watched Aristeus scream.
Orpheus ran away. After running he came to a cliff edge and turned round and an angry emerald green snake came behind and went to bite him. Then he just fell …

Walking through a formilur gate, he was met by … Eurydice, who kissed him on the cheek. Eurydice explained, ‘I knew love could not keep us apart’
They walked more and reached a castle and pushed the big metal gate,a light welcomed them in then the gate clanged shut.

By C.D.
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